Webinar | Global Hiring Trends

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Today’s hiring leaders are reprioritizing the quality of candidates to help them navigate new frontiers, and 2024’s key trends are showing that teams are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to better qualify candidates based on skills. Join us for a discussion on 2024’s top hiring trends, and learn more about the tools you can incorporate to ensure you’re reaching your peak potential and ROI.

We’ll dive into a conversation about how to gain insight from trends like the recalibration of what it means to find qualified, skilled candidates. Discover how to empower teams and find those who can thrive now and into the future. This is an opportunity to clarify the confusion and controversy around how AI is used in hiring. Find out about how you can reach candidates beyond just compensation—providing well-rounded packages that help talent grow in their careers.

Learn about:

  • What trends are sweeping the HR industry this year
  • The technology you need to unlock the potential of candidates
  • Understand what you should look for in ethical AI vendors
  • Learn about the investments companies are making in well-being to enhance their packages


Jamie Hey HeadshotAmanda Hahn
Chief Marketing Officer, HireVue
Lindsey Zuloaga HeadshotMike Hudy
Industry Expert, Predictive modeling using human capital data
Naz Scott Headshot
Madeline Laurano
Founder and Chief Analyst, Aptitude Research