Webinar | Hiring graduates in the age of ChatGPT

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With more than 100M active users and a $10B investment from Microsoft, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is here and now means business.

The working world has been looking at AI and potential applications for years now, but the arrival of ChatGPT has captured imaginations and heralded a completely new set of possibilities, and challenges, for people, work, and jobs.

It’s been a wake-up call for university administrators, now forced to restructure entire courses and overhaul assignments to include more oral exams, in-class assignments, and group work to curtail students’ overreliance on chatbot technology.

Graduate and early-career recruiters find themselves in a similar position – now they must find more creative, innovative ways to attract the brightest minds independent of AI-generated resumes and ChatGPT-tailored CVs.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar as we discuss the current state of graduate hiring in the age of ChatGPT. Here the discussion on:

  • The continued disruption and innovation happening in graduate and early-careers recruiting,
  • How to ethically, efficiently, and effectively hire early career candidates, and
  • How recruiters can work with – rather than against – AI to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Top organizations need agile hiring solutions that can keep up with the rapid transformation of today’s graduate and early career hiring landscape.