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How To Empower Talent Acquisition In The Age Of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere in the HR Tech space. This webcast unveils how to empower talent acquisition professionals to transition from transactional to strategic, tackling high visibility projects that have a wide-reaching impact on your organization.

Expect To Learn:

  • How to empower recruiters by automating repetitive, manual tasks
  • Why recruiters are perfectly positioned to strategically transform your recruiting efforts
  • 5 areas recruiters can add the most value to the business if you give them the time

When TA brings more to the table, the relationship with the business changes for the better. Learn how AI fits into strategic talent acquisition and where your newly empowered recruiters should spend their time.

Presented By:

Dina Taylor, VP of Business Transformation, HireVue
Presented in partnership with HCI.