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When Resumes Are One-Dimensional—but Candidates Are Not

How skills-based hiring unlocks the true potential of your talent pool

Did you know that in 2024, 34% of TA leaders say they’re comfortable using skills assessments and already use them across the hiring process? That’s up from 29% the year before. Join HireVue and PepsiCo for a deep dive into the efficiency of skills-based hiring—and how the PepsiCo team ditched resume review and leaned into assessments to efficiently hire 25,000 candidates from 250,000 applications.

Skills-based hiring is about assessing the skills and competencies that are actually proven to be successful on the job. Join our discussion and learn more about:

  • The problem with “rearview HR,” or the idea that past achievements are the only indicators of success
  • The solutions you need to build workforces that can not only succeed today but in tomorrow’s challenges as well
  • How PepsiCo uses assessment analytics to reduce turnover and boost ROI

Your candidates have a story—and it’s more than what’s listed on a piece of paper.


Dr. Payton Stewart HeadshotDr. Payton Stewart
Program Manager of Talent Management, PepsiCo
Mike Hudy HeadshotMike Hudy
Chief Science Officer
Chris Frost HeadshotChris Frost
Director, Client Optimization