How to achieve hiring needs: Speed, quality, & fairness

HireVue Webinars

Talent acquisition leaders have long been justified in their beliefs that in order to hire fast you must forgo quality, or in order to hire diverse talent you must forgo speed.

However, with the current shortage of talent the demand to try and achieve speed, quality, and fairness at the same time could not be more intense than right now.

HireVue joined forces with SmartRecruiters to bring you a panel of experts to discuss these critical hiring challenges. They share the proven strategies and tactics you can adopt to ensure you hire the right talent at the right time. 

Watch this discussion to learn:

  • How to look at and measure speed, quality, and fairness
  • How to build a hiring process to assess the right things while delivering a great candidate experience
  • How to streamline and optimize a hiring workflow to make it a seamless, efficient, and scalable experience
  • How to blend behavioral science with technology to maximize your chance of finding the best talent

Panel Speakers:

  • SmartRecruiters Moderator: Tony De Graaf – Director of Hiring Success
  • SmartRecruiters Speaker: Allyn Bailey – Executive Director, Hiring Success
  • HireVue Speaker: Suzanne Brink PhD, Organizational Psychology Consultant
  • HireVue Speaker: John Grotegut, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, HireVue

Headshot of Tony De Graaf Headshot of John Grotegut