On-Demand Webinar: Engaging Graduates in 2021 - The Era of Remote Recruiting & Hiring

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Graduates have adapted to remote learning; you must adapt to remote hiring

Many of today’s graduates spent part or all of their final year remote learning. This tech-savvy generation quickly adapted to online classes, and the expectation is that you’ve adapted to remote hiring.

In this webinar with Prudential Financial, the US-based Fortune 500 company, we discuss how to engage digital-native graduates, and how the global pandemic has influenced an entire generation’s job search behavior.

This on-demand webinar with Prudential discusses:

  • How hiring practices have shifted this year
  • How to ensure technology helps humanize the hiring experience
  • Why geographic location is no longer “very important” to graduates, dropping from 51% to 39%, and how this impacts hiring strategies
  • How to support incoming employees when 80% of Gen Z workers feel “less connected” working remotely

In a virtual world, your brand is defined by your digital footprint and virtual relationships, so we are intentional about the candidate experience and how we represent ourselves beyond a career site or university relationship.

— April Besing,Director of Early Talent Acquisition at Prudential


April Besing, Director of Early Talent Acquisition at Prudential
April oversees the recruitment and enterprise program management of the internship class at Prudential with the goal to optimize business outcomes while prioritizing candidate experience. She manages a team of early talent business recruiters along with the university relations and early talent diversity recruitment team. April joined Prudential in December 2019 after spending time at Goldman Sachs as an HR business partner and recruitment lead as well as JPMorgan Chase in their recruitment team.

Dina Taylor, VP of Solution Architecture at HireVue
Dina and her team design hiring processes, run consulting workshops, and ultimately convert concepts and ideas into strategies and execution plans. Dina has 15 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest businesses and is passionate about transforming hiring experiences.