Webinar: How the relationship between skills, AI and science underpins hiring

HireVue Webinars

We live in an uncertain time where the next inevitable disruption is just around the corner.

Recruiter resources are scarce and candidates are more open to changing their minds than ever before.

So how do Talent leaders build a hiring process that puts the right people in the right seat and creates a talent pool that can adapt to an unknown future?

The conversation around Al and skills usually centers on how humans are being replaced or how Al can unfairly limit opportunities
for some candidates. In this webinar, we will debunk major myths and break down precisely how to hire effectively and confidently using a process built on solid science, structure, and skills.

Join us and learn how data-backed, science-driven Al technology is helping some of the world’s leading organizations look beyond experience to identify (not just infer) skills.

Key Takeaways

  • What is science-backed hiring and why is it important?
  • Best practices for assessing skills
  • The key principles of ethical Al in hiring
  • How to measure and predict quality of hire


Tariq Shaban HeadshotTariq Shaban
Senior Assessment Consultant, APAC HireVue
Jana Afirovska HeadshotJana Afirovska
Customer Success Director, APAC HireVue