You don't have to be a leading global brand to hire like one: HRM Impact Award Winners + Modern Hire

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Modern Hire (now part of HireVue) clients have won an unprecedented seven Human Resources Management (HRM) Impact Awards from SIOP and SHRM in the last eight years. The prestigious annual award recognizes the most successful HR practices and initiatives, as decided by evidence-based, data-driven analyses.

But there’s an even bigger story: Any enterprise can benefit from the award-winning hiring technology these leading brands have used to transform their business outcomes. Hiring teams can capture the advantage with Modern Hire’s (now part of HireVue) predictive and engaging Virtual Job Tryout®.

Download “You Don’t Have to Be a Leading Global Brand to Hire Like One: HRM Impact Award Winners + Modern Hire” (now part of HireVue) now and find out how four leading brands saved millions in turnover and recruiter hours, hired 400K employees in four months, and upped their candidate experience game.