Virtual Hiring

Virtual hiring is no longer nice-to-have. It’s expected.

While the pandemic forced teams to hire virtually, flexible, mobile-friendly solutions should now be part of your everyday hiring toolkit.

“With so many roles open as we scale, we realized we needed some help. We asked ourselves, how can we deliver this level of recruitment with the resources that we have–and that’s where HireVue came in.”
Mara Steinberga, Chief of People & Culture, SmartLynx Airlines

Virtual hiring is the new norm

Hiring teams were forced to adopt new forms of hiring throughout the pandemic—when face-to-face interactions were no longer possible. Across the globe, employees and students adjusted to remote working and school, and now they are expecting the virtual trend to continue—and that includes virtual hiring. And the benefits for candidates and recruiting teams are vast. From flexibility to fairer outcomes, virtual, mobile-friendly solutions are the solutions of today and tomorrow.

Embrace flexibility with text-powered, mobile-friendly solutions

Virtual hiring doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, all HireVue solutions integrate with your ATS and promote flexibility with text-powered solutions that are easily accessible on a mobile device. Text recruiting allows you to engage with 4x more candidates 5x faster, so you can keep them engaged through the entire hiring process—and 53% of this engagement is happening outside normaI business hours. And in 2021, 42% of video interviews were done outside of normal business hours. Giving candidates this choice allows them to put their best foot forward—especially when they’re balancing school, work, or family responsibilities. Plus, recruiters no longer have to waste time scheduling—candidates can schedule and reschedule their own interviews that then sync to your organizations’ calendar system. Virtual hiring is faster hiring.

Faster, better hiring with video interviewing

Reduce time-to-hire and make consistent decisions with on-demand and live video interviews. Enterprise-level scale combined with quick implementation timelines have already powered over 17 million interviews. Rapid implementation means you can deploy in just a few short days.

Virtual hiring is healthier hiring

Companies can greatly reduce their carbon emissions by turning to virtual hiring. In 2021, 29M virtual HireVue interviews reduced the carbon footprint by 75%. Did you know that in 2021, replacing the first in-person interview with a virtual one saved the equivalent carbon emission absorbed by 330,000 trees or 30,000 airline passengers? By committing to virtual hiring, you’re helping keep cars off the road and planes out of the sky. Virtual hiring is healthier hiring—which sounds like happier hiring to us.

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