UNLEASH recap: Skills-based hiring & dynamic organization

October 24th, 2023
The HireVue Team
Artificial Intelligence,

As the dust settles on another epic installment of UNLEASH World in Paris, it’s crystal clear that there were two themes on the lips of every speaker and delegate – skills-based hiring and AI.

Over 4500 talent leaders from across the globe gathered to debate and discuss the big challenges of today. Talent attraction, talent retention and building an agile workforce to tackle future disruptions were the common problems keeping senior leaders awake at night.

During the keynote, Josh Bersin spoke about the need for “dynamic organizations.”

Research by The Josh Bersin Company found that these companies are;

  • 3X more likely to exceed their financial targets
  • 20X more likely to achieve productivity at work 
  • 9X better at attracting talent
  • 31X superior at retaining their talent 

So what defines a “dynamic organization”?

Well, organizations are now suffering from information overload. The next distinction will be those companies that can make the leap to the age of adding “intelligence” to what they do.

Dynamic organizations are designed for change. They are always parsing and interpreting information. They hire for flexible skills over static jobs. Culture, motivations and interests are key pillars of their hiring decisions. They use skills to open up the aperture on their talent pool and overcome labour scarcity. They use AI-enabled technology to help them scientifically hire, reward and retain employees based on proven predictors of success.

Watch what some of the world’s leading talent analysts, advisors and practitioners had to say about what they saw at UNLEASH World this year, in the video blog below: