3 tips when hiring at high-volume

June 3rd, 2022
HireVue Team
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There is one thing at the forefront of teams hiring for high volume, hourly positions– speed

The top reason candidates turn down a job is because they were offered another, so identifying the top candidates with the best skills before someone else does is a top priority. 

Below are 3 tips to keep in mind when hiring high-volume, hourly positions.

Treat your candidates like customers. Hourly hiring teams have a unique type of candidate–their candidates are frequently their customers as well. Therefore, it’s important to not only provide a positive candidate experience for those you hire–but for those you don’t as well.

With HireVue, Delta Airlines was able to cut down their application time from an hour to 5 minutes–creating a candidate experience with the disappointed in mind. 

“I really want to focus our process as we move forward on how we are giving back to those who are giving us their time, giving us their hopes–only to be dashed. We really want to design for the disappointed,” said Jennifer Carpenter, former VP of Talent Acquisitions at Delta.

Go beyond resumes and look at the overall person, not just what’s listed on a resume. Technology like HireVue provides science-backed insight into the critical sales and service traits needed for success–and treats candidates with respect at the same time. 

“HireVue has given us a gift. We are able to make the candidate’s life a little easier and our own lives a little easier,” said Carpenter, “We’re able to learn more about people than we could ever learn from a piece of paper, and we can do it at scale and with speed.”

Make your experience mobile-first. Did you know that 80% of candidates are searching for jobs on their phones? Delta’s Carpenter says it best.

“We are living through 3-inch screens in the course of our daily lives, helping us get our groceries, helping us connect to the people that we love–so candidate expectation is why wouldn’t you engage with me on our mobile device?”

There’s no way around it. You need to meet your candidates on their screens. Offering solutions like flexible video interviewing that can be completed on any screen, anywhere, anytime, not only creates a positive candidate experience but streamlines your hiring process–allowing you to start making offers quicker.

Automate your scheduling. When speed matters, you can’t waste time scheduling and rescheduling interviews. HireVue automates manual tasks, so hiring teams can streamline the process. Plus, by integrating with your ATS, hiring managers can work in one platform instead of multiple. HireVue accesses your calendar and lets candidates schedule and reschedule their own interviews–all you need to do is show up.

Ready to efficiently scale your hiring? Learn more about how Delta transformed their hiring or request a demo.