5 Lessons from RecruitCon 2022

June 30th, 2022
HireVue Team
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The last few years have been stressful for hiring teams as recruiters have endured a constantly fluctuating hiring landscape. RecruitCon 2022 focused on the “Great Rehiring” as the hiring landscape shifts from the “Great Resignation.” As teams look to efficiently discover, engage, and hire top talent, it’s important to evaluate your current hiring processes–and maybe make some changes.

Below are 5 tips to improve your hiring highlighted at RecruitCon 2022.

Get rid of manual, repetitive tasks. 

Automation is the key to efficiency, so start automating tasks like pre-screening, engagement, interviewing, scheduling, and rescheduling. Technology like HireVue not only integrates with your ATS but also your organization’s calendar, so you can focus on the more strategic parts of your business. 

Automation allows teams to not only hire more efficiently but ensure they’re reaching the top candidates faster.

Audit what you consider your “must-haves” vs “negotiables.

According to Jo Weech, Founder and Principal of Exemplary Consultants, you may need to evaluate what’s really important in hiring. 

Did you know school discrimination exists? A candidate’s alma mater doesn’t predict job performance, and it doesn’t assess the overall team fit. Can they work independently or collaboratively? Can they tutor others?

Technology like HireVue consistently evaluates skills that actually predict job performance–skills like drive for results, initiative, adaptability, and conscientiousness. 

Remember–technical skills can be taught.

“Don’t make up your mind in 30 minutes.”

According to Barb Bruno, Founder of Good as Gold Training, “You have to ask everyone the same questions. You can’t shoot from the hip.”

Providing structured interviews that evaluate all candidates the same helps ensure you aren’t allowing unconscious bias into the hiring process. HireVue solutions offer high-quality, structured interview guides to improve consistency and fairness.

Engagement matters.

Bruno goes on to say, “Engaged employees are more likely to be retained for 2+ years.”

Engaging your candidates from the very beginning of the process makes candidates feel valued. HireVue’s conversational AI-powered recruiting assistant is much more than just a chatbot. It makes 24/7/365 day engagement possible, so no candidate is left ghosted. And the best part? You can continue that engagement post-hire. Keep them engaged before their start date and continue to check in on them periodically once they start–helping to cultivate a positive relationship between employees and hiring teams.

Sell your brand to early talent–in a human way.

According to Alia Poonawala, Executive Director of Hire Hopkins at Johns Hopkins University, “Talk about your organization in a human way. Talk about it in a way that interests and inspires students.”

She encourages teams to write about jobs and their organizations in a way that makes sense–like a conversation, not a jargon-riddled puzzle.

When thinking of reaching your early talent, remember that Gen-Z cares about your commitment to diversity. In fact, according to Intel, diversity “will be a workplace deal-breaker for Gen-Z.”

Is your organization committing to DEI goals? Talk about your results! And do it in a sincere, genuine way.

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