3 ways hiring automation positively impacts the environment

April 26th, 2022
HireVue Team
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According to PwC, nearly 9 in 10 job seekers prioritize working for companies that align with their personal beliefs and support the greater good of humanity — a significant difference between the modern workforce and their parents’ generation.

One specific value candidates are looking for is environmental responsibility. IBM reports that more than 2 in 3 candidates want to work for an environmentally sustainable employer — and that half of them would take a pay cut to do so.

 For talent leaders who are up against a tight labor market, one question is becoming increasingly important: How do we bake our company values into the hiring process, and show them off to our candidates?

With human activity serving as one of the biggest culprits for the increase in greenhouse gases, one logical step is to replace what we can with automation.

 To help you make hiring changes that have a global impact, here are the top 3 ways your talent team can become more eco-friendly.

Go green with paperless recruiting and onboarding 

For talent teams, the vast amounts of paper traditionally needed for resumes, employee evaluations, and onboarding documents used to be a necessary evil. But did you know paper consumption in the business world alone results in21 million tons of waste each year? That adds up to over 1 billion trees!

With roughly18 million acres of forest lost each year, it’s time to do better. Modern talent teams are turning to automation to digitize their hiring — eliminating the need for paper almost entirely.

Not only does automating your paper-based manual processes save tedious recruiting hours, it also aids green initiatives by reducing paper waste and slashing business costs. End-to-end hiring solutions, like HireVue’s platform, move the hiring needle from sourcing to hiring all from the ease of an online platform. No more paper, and far less waste.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions with online interviews

When the pandemic shut down business travel in 2020, the global carbon emissions dropped by an estimated 7% compared to the previous year, according to a study by the Global Carbon Project. “And that’s actually a lot,” said Le Quéré, author of the study. “In absolute numbers, that's 2.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide. That's never been seen before."

So now that travel is back, and many companies are returning to the office, how do we maintain the carbon emissions shrinkage we saw during the pandemic?

It starts by providing alternatives to travel that are just as good.

Today, talent teams can lower their carbon footprint by offering virtual interview options. Remote interviews grew in popularity during the pandemic for obvious reasons, and continue to be in high demand for hiring teams and candidates alike. And yes, they provide flexibility and efficiency…but they also have a global impact.

At HireVue, we use a calculator to measure CO2e emissions of virtual interviewing versus traditional interviewing. It compares the energy output of a computer for online interviews (electricity) versus the travel required for an on-site interview (transpiration). Also? It reduces a carbon footprint by a whopping 70%.

To leave a lasting impact on interested job seekers, provide interview alternatives. Eco-conscious companies, like HireVue, are now providing a hybrid approach where candidates can choose between in-person or live and on-demand interview options.

Attract GenZ and Millennials

Compared to generations before them, millennials are setting a much higher standard for the environmental responsibilities they demand from companies. Nearly 40% of them say they have accepted a job due to the company’s commitment to sustainability. What’s more, their younger peers, Gen Z, are showing signs of an even stronger commitment to the environment, saying that the climate is a top concern for them.

With 23% of employees saying they plan to find new jobs this year, it’s critical for hiring teams to showcase a culture that champions sustainability. Begin by highlighting your vision on your company’s career site. Then, prove your commitment by offering a fast, fair, and sustainable online hiring process.

Use automation as a tool for good

As hiring teams strive to be part of the greater good, it’s a sustainable hiring strategy that will attract the candidates that align with their mission. With the right tools and a commitment to change, companies can quickly add brand value and do their part to combat climate change. Hiring automation is not just good for recruitment efficiency. It’s good for the environment as a whole. 

At HireVue, we’re committed to helping talent leaders positively impact the environment and attract people who align with their values. Our hiring platform replaces time-consuming hiring activities with environmentally-friendly hiring tools — improving the way you attract and hire talent.