What is HireVue’s ESG program?

October 18th, 2022
HireVue Team
Diversity & Inclusion

At HireVue, we are relentlessly focused on making the hiring process fairer and faster for candidates and companies alike. Whether it’s a major financial institution like Goldman Sachs that is able to visit 100 more campuses in a single year with video interviewing, or giving a single parent a bit of breathing room to take an interview at night after the kids are asleep – our suite of tools create more opportunities for talented people to put their best foot forward in the search for a new job.

Central to achieving our mission is our emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. What used to be a framework related strictly to investing, ESG programs are a more holistic way of approaching corporate social responsibility. The way we define each of these pillars is:

  • Environmental - the energy we take in and waste out, the resources we need and the effect that has on humans
  • Social - the relationships we maintain, and the reputation we want to foster within communities
  • Governance - the practices, controls and procedures we select to operate, make decisions and serve our stakeholders.

Reducing global carbon footprint from interviews

The more we can take cars off the road and planes out of the sky for job interviews the better. And the evidence of why companies should make this change couldn’t be more clear: by conservative calculations, our customers and their candidates have saved the equivalent carbon emissions absorbed by 330,000 trees, or 30,000 airline passengers, in 2021. 

The convenience of taking initial interviews online saves time for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers, while also shrinking our collective carbon footprint. Sure, increased adoption of video interviewing is good for our business, but it’s also good for the environment. 

Social programs: HireOpportunity program

Perhaps the most exciting and invigorating part of working at HireVue, second only to helping people find their dream job, is the HireOpportunity program. This is a network of community partners who are given HireVue products to help them achieve their respective missions. An important, deliberate part of our product strategy, each nonprofit uses our tools and provides us with feedback about how our platform can better serve diverse populations. 

Meet our partners:

These partnerships extend beyond product usage, as evidenced by our research collaboration with Integrate Autism Employment Advisors. Earlier this year, in partnership with HireVue and the University of Colorado, Integrate was a co-author on the first-ever blind reviewed science publication on how autistic applicants perform on game-based assessments compared to the general population.

Governance to better serve stakeholders

Connecting talent to opportunity requires a fierce focus on fairness, and as a market leader in AI-driven HR technology, we’re committed to ongoing research on the role of artificial intelligence in hiring. This includes transparent and ongoing measurement of the impact our software has on individual candidates, our customers, and society as a whole. Examples of governance practices in our ESG program include:

  • Our Expert Advisory Board and ethical AI principles: third party expertise augments internal knowledge and ethical principles undergird every choice we make.
  • IO psychology and algorithmic audits: these voluntary, cutting-edge audits are available in their entirety and help push our team toward greater product improvements.
  • AI Explainability statement: the second company in the world to release an AI Explainability Statement, these are an emerging gold standard for companies with AI-driven products and services.

Investing in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs helps us build products that make the hiring process more efficient and fair for candidates and companies alike. The old world of hiring was broken and fixing it is our number one priority.