Accelerate Virtual Hiring Transformation with HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams

December 4th, 2020
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The acceleration of digital transformation is suddenly at an all-time high, and the use of automation within the hiring process is no exception.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey in June 2020, 85% of businesses have accelerated the implementation of technologies to digitally enable more employee interaction and collaboration, and 67% of companies have accelerated their use of automation and AI.

To win high-performing job candidates in a hiring model that’s purely virtual, the hiring process must be friction-free for both candidates and hiring managers. To facilitate this adaptation, HireVue partnered with Microsoft to deliver an innovative integration with advanced video interview software right inside your Microsoft workflows.

Get HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams

No more chasing down candidate feedback from various platforms and people, or allowing a hiring decision to drag on for weeks on end. Now, Microsoft Teams users can enjoy the many benefits of HireVue OnDemand and Live interviews, including hiring intelligence support for 1:1 or group interviews, collaborative feedback for hiring teams, and expedited hiring decisions. 

Virtual Interviews - Not just another Teams meeting

Before HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams, Teams users may have enjoyed the convenience of using their existing tech stack for interviews. However, bootstrapping your virtual interviews won’t work forever. On their own, virtual meeting platforms simply don’t offer the security, scalability, or the bias mitigation that a platform designed specifically for interviews does.

HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams was announced this year at Microsoft Ignite 2020, Microsoft’s annual customer event. The collaboration between Microsoft and HireVue has enabled HireVue’s interviewing technology to be incorporated into MS Teams. Those companies who already utilize MS Teams for day-to-day communications can easily integrate it into their hiring process, as MS Teams becomes a one-stop platform for both meetings and interviews alike. 

“HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams will empower MS Teams users to more swiftly and effectively fill job roles with the best candidates for the job.” - Kevin Parker, HireVue CEO

How HireVue for Microsoft Teams Works

HireVue for Microsoft Teams functions similarly to an app on a mobile device; within the app store, it can be purchased under the product title “HireVue Interviews.” The app is then added within the Microsoft Teams Panel, guaranteeing a facilitated interview scheduling process. Interview guidance and instructions can then be found within the platform.

The features of HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams include:

  • Interview structure built into the MS Teams Meeting. HireVue integrates predefined interview questions automatically into MS Teams on the meeting request and turns the MS Teams Meeting experience easily into a HireVue Interview.
  • Per-question rating and ranking of candidate responses for each hiring team member.
  • Ability to capture notes during interviews organized by question for each hiring team member.
  • Candidate final recommendation (yes/no) for each hiring team member to facilitate quick hiring decisions. 

Those features produce the following benefits:

  • Structured collaboration between recruiting and hiring team members
  • Structured interview content and feedback channels within the interview experience
  • Supported HR consistency in the flow of work for hiring teams

Interested in learning more? Watch On Demand: Accelerating the use of tech and automation in hiring. We talk about why virtual hiring is crucial for every organization to maintain business continuity; how to leverage HireVue to find the best candidates, faster, and hire them at scale; and our newest product launches: the acquisition of AllyO and partnership with Microsoft Teams.

Want to experience it yourself? Download HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams.