What are the best ways to recruit employees?

May 23rd, 2023
The HireVue Team
Recruiting Teams

As the job market continues to evolve and becomes increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever for recruiters to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. Finding the right candidates can be a time-consuming and challenging process, but the rewards of bringing in high-quality employees can be immense, from boosting productivity and profitability to enhancing company culture and driving innovation. We’ll explore why recruiters need to learn the best ways to recruit employees and the importance of bringing in quality talent to drive business success. Moreover, we will dive into the best areas where using technology can help automate your recruiting process!

Reaching quality talent

Recruiting is a crucial function of any organization, and in today’s hiring landscape recruiters must wear multiple hats to excel in this role. A successful recruiter must have a wide range of attributes that go beyond technical expertise. These core skills for success include:

  • Effective communication – consistently contacting and engaging candidates throughout the hiring process (using automated tools such as text engagement can be particularly useful here)
  • Building relationships – being personable and genuinely connecting with candidates
  • Marketing – knowing different potential channels for reaching talent and crafting compelling materials to capture their attention
  • Technically savvy – proficient in the current tools of the trade

Effective Communication

One of the most important skills for a recruiter is the ability to communicate effectively. This means being able to connect with candidates, listen actively to their needs and concerns, and explain the job requirements and responsibilities clearly. A recruiter must also be able to articulate the benefits of working for the organization and the potential career growth opportunities available. Effective communication skills also extend to written communication, such as crafting compelling job descriptions and emails that grab the attention of candidates.

Building Relationships

Another key skill for a successful recruiter is the ability to build relationships. A good recruiter understands that developing trust with candidates is essential to making successful placements. This means treating candidates with respect and professionalism and taking the time to get to know candidates on a personal level. This also includes understanding their motivations and goals, providing them with timely updates and maintaining transparent, honest feedback throughout the hiring process. Of course, this can certainly become time-consuming, so using technology to automate some of the more mundane, earlier points of communication will be critical. Incorporating automation will then allow you to focus your energy on building relationships with the candidates who have risen to the top. When you use technology to automate some of the mundane communications, you can focus your energy as a recruiter on building relationships with those candidates who have risen to the top. All of this leads to a positive candidate experience, which is paramount to attracting and retaining the best talent, as well as creating a positive reputation for the organization in the candidate community.

Additionally, relationship building goes beyond the candidates. Recruiters must be able to build strong networks and relationships within their industry to tap into top talent pools.

Marketing Expertise

A successful recruiter must also be a savvy marketer. This means being able to leverage various marketing channels to reach top talent, such as social media platforms, job boards, and professional networking sites. A recruiter must also be able to craft effective job descriptions that resonate with potential candidates and highlight the unique selling points of the organization. Current language-processing tools like ChatGPT can be useful for automatically creating a first draft that you can then tailor and edit to write an attractive job description. Use chatgpt as a first draft? 

Additionally, a recruiter must be able to sell the job opportunity to candidates and effectively communicate the value proposition of working for the organization. This means implementing a multi-channel approach for recruiting and leveraging social media platforms to reach passive candidates. Recruiters must also be able to create compelling content that resonates with potential candidates, such as blog posts, videos, and other types of engaging content. 

Technical Savvy

Technical skills are also important for a successful recruiter. A good recruiter must be proficient in the available tools and technology to automate the hiring process, such as using applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other recruitment software to manage the overall process efficiently. It is also necessary to have a solid understanding of employment laws and regulations to ensure that the organization is compliant with all relevant legislation.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever for recruiters to develop these skills and stay ahead of the curve in recruitment trends and best practices. This will ensure the organization will attract quality talent, engage with them throughout the hiring process  and convert them into successful hires. 

Best ways to recruit employees

So, what are some of the best ways to recruit top talent in today’s world? Recruiting is a complex process that requires a lot of planning, organization, and attention to detail. As the job market becomes more competitive, it’s more important than ever for recruiters to provide candidates with a smooth and positive hiring experience to attract and retain top talent. Here are a few considerations: 

Application Tracking System (ATS)

One of the most important tools that recruiters can use to provide candidates with a good experience is a well-designed applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS is a software application that enables recruiters to manage the recruitment process, from posting job openings to screening resumes and scheduling interviews. An ATS can help streamline the hiring process, reduce administrative tasks, and ensure that all candidates are treated fairly and consistently throughout the process.

Effective Job Descriptions

Another practical tool that recruiters should incorporate in their hiring process is an effective job description. A job description should be detailed, clearly outlining the job requirements, responsibilities, and qualifications required for the position. An effective job description can help to attract the right candidates by providing a clear understanding of the role and what is expected of the candidate. It also helps to weed out unqualified candidates and ensure that only those who meet the minimum qualifications apply for the job.

Strong Employer Branding

In addition to these practical tools, recruiters should also incorporate a range of strategies to attract quality new employees. One of the best ways to attract top talent is to build a strong employer brand. Employer branding is the process of promoting a company’s values, culture, and mission to attract and retain top talent. Recruiters can build a strong employer brand by creating engaging content that showcases the organization’s culture, values, and employee success stories. 

The job description also holds another opportunity for recruiters to showcase the employer brand and let candidates know that the company is an ideal place to work. Moreover, candidates seeing this employer branding in the job description will help encourage those more interested in working for your organization to apply for the role, so you will more likely find qualified candidates who are also eager to work for your company.

Social Media

Another effective strategy for attracting quality new employees is to leverage social media platforms. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can be powerful tools for connecting with potential candidates and promoting job openings. Recruiters should use these platforms to build their networks, share content, and engage with potential candidates.

Accentuate the Positive

In addition to building their networks and leveraging social media, recruiters can also attract quality new employees by offering competitive compensation and benefits packages. Compensation is a key factor for most candidates when deciding whether to accept a job offer. Recruiters should be familiar with the prevailing wage rates for the positions they are hiring for and ensure that their compensation packages are competitive.

Be Proactive

Finally, recruiters should also be proactive in their recruitment efforts. This means actively seeking out candidates, rather than waiting for them to apply for job openings. Recruiters can use a range of strategies to proactively recruit candidates, such as attending job fairs, reaching out to candidates on social media, and using targeted advertising to reach potential candidates.

These strategies will help elevate your recruiting efforts to bring in those quality employees, but even with these strategies, there is plenty of room for inefficiencies to creep in and create a long, arduous process that drives talent away. However, incorporating technology into these strategies will help enhance the hiring process and create a positive, efficient experience for recruiters and new employees.

Using technology to enhance your recruitment

In combination with the above strategies, technology helps automate hiring so that recruiters and candidates experience a smooth, efficient process. HireVue offers a suite of innovative software products that can help recruiters to attract the best candidates and streamline that hiring process, and these tools include:

  • Video interviewing
  • Game-based and coding assessments
  • A Structured Interview Builder
  • Text recruiting and engagement

Video interviewing is a powerful tool that allows recruiters to connect with candidates in a more meaningful way. Instead of relying on a traditional phone screening interview, recruiters can use video interviewing to see and hear candidates in real-time online. This can help to build a more personal connection between the recruiter and the candidate and give recruiters a better sense of the candidate’s personality and communication skills.

HireVue’s video interviewing platform is particularly powerful because it allows recruiters to automate and customize the interview experience to fit their needs. Live and OnDemand video interviewing integrates with your ATS to improve your administrative data input to make your hiring faster. The software automates the otherwise tedious tasks that take up time such as scheduling, and these video interviews offer greater flexibility for recruiters and candidates since they can be conducted at any hour. 

Hiring managers may also use game-based and coding assessments to evaluate a candidate’s specific skills and abilities depending on the role. These assessments can help to identify more unqualified candidates and ensure that only those who meet the minimum qualifications or have the necessary technical skills are invited to move forward in the hiring process.

HireVue’s assessments are designed to be engaging and fun for candidates while allowing recruiters to quickly make fair hiring decisions. HireVue utilizes ethical AI backed by IO Psychologists and robust data science, ensuring that the assessments will accurately identify the core competencies you need in every role. Additionally, these assessments are designed to be more fair and mitigate bias, ensuring that all candidates are evaluated based on their skills and abilities, rather than other factors that may create bias in a recruiter like race, gender, or age.

HireVue’s Structured Interview Builder is another powerful tool that recruiters can use to ensure that their interviews are fair and consistent. This tool allows recruiters to create a standardized interview process that can be used for all candidates, ensuring that each candidate is evaluated based on the same criteria. 

The Structured Interview Builder is also designed to be flexible and customizable. Recruiters can create custom questions and evaluation criteria that are tailored to the specific needs of their organization. Additionally, the tool is designed to be easy to use, allowing recruiters to quickly and easily create a structured interview process.

Text recruiting is another key tool that recruiters can use to connect with and continually engage candidates. This allows recruiters to communicate with candidates via SMS text message, making it easy to keep candidates informed about the hiring process and answer any questions they may have. The average email inbox has 199 unread messages, so text recruiting also provides a faster means of contacting candidates and creates a more engaging experience overall.

HireVue’s text recruiting platform creates a fast and efficient means to personalize communication with potential employees. Recruiters can quickly respond to candidate inquiries and keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. Additionally, while the software is designed to be mobile-friendly, recruiters can also text applicants without using their personal phones, protecting privacy for all parties.

Incorporating HireVue’s technology into recruiting strategies can help hiring managers to attract quality candidates and streamline their hiring process, creating the best way to recruit employees online. By using video interviewing, recruiters can connect with candidates in a more meaningful way and get a better sense of a candidate’s personality and communication skills. Game-based and coding assessments can help to weed out unqualified candidates and ensure that only those who meet the minimum qualifications are invited to move forward in the hiring process. The Structured Interview Builder can ensure that interviews are fair and consistent, and text recruiting can help recruiters to keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the hiring process. 

Having such a strong, fast, efficient strategy using HireVue automation technology will ensure a positive hiring experience for both recruiters and candidates that will result in employing top talent for whatever job you need.