Redefining our HEART: a breakdown of HireVue's mission, vision, and values

March 7th, 2023
HireVue Team

We currently exist in a world that can feel oversaturated with content and brands—a brief scroll on your social media platform of choice can show you this in a minute.

Consumers can feel left trying to decide what is real, who is authentic, and what brands are worth consuming.

But it also leaves us with one question—what even is a brand? And what makes one successful?

According to its definition, a brand is, “a public image, reputation, or identity conceived of as something to be marketed or promoted.”

One brand is made up of many pieces that work together in tandem to create a great experience—one with a story worth sharing and a brand worth advocating for.

At HireVue, we exist to create a positive candidate and recruiter experience. We want our candidates and customers to not only be excited to use HireVue but expect this level of excellence in all of hiring. 

HireVue exists to make hiring faster, fairer, and more flexible for everyone—ensuring every candidate has the same experience. 

But it’s our newly redefined mission, vision, and values that are leading the way as we continue lighting the fire of innovation in the world of hiring.

At HireVue, we believe we are a champion for candidates. 

Our mission? Connect talent to opportunity. 

Our vision? Unlock potential for everyone—because everyone has potential. 

Our solutions exist to make it easier for candidates to find the right job—which for many can be life-changing. HireVue is more than video interviewing—solutions like conversational AI, self-scheduling, and direct messaging put the human before the employee, so candidates can relax and rest assured they’re putting their best foot forward during the hiring process. 

We are driven by the candidate experience and obsessed with making it a good one, and to effectively and genuinely do this, we wanted to redefine our values.

HireVue is proud to announce the HEART of HireVue—a set of 5 values that guide every employee and customer interaction. 

  • Hero for our customers: We respect our customers’ journeys and lead them to success by being their champions and experts.
  • Enjoy the journey: We respect everyone’s right to health and happiness by encouraging each other to enjoy the one life they have.
  • Always do the right thing: We respect everyone from our teammates to our customers by doing the right thing, even when it is the hard thing to do (and by not being jerks).
  • Reach forward: We respect future growth by supporting forward thinking and innovation.
  • Take action and go: We respect the need for timely decisions by collaborating and deliberately taking swift action.

We believe in our solutions and the decisions that drive them—and we believe that if we’re the best version of ourselves, then we can be the best solution for our customers. 

We take our job seriously. We know our solutions transform lives for candidates and recruiters—offering the flexibility so many need and connecting them to the jobs that are life-changing.

We’re proud of our newly defined mission, vision, and values. As we continue to innovate and reach forward, you’ll continually see the Heart of HireVue in action—as we work to unlock potential and connect talent to opportunity.