Automated candidate reminders: Elevating the hiring experience

August 21st, 2023
The HireVue Team

When was the last time you felt that all-too-familiar feeling of frustration creep in? The one when you do all the hiring work, extend an offer, they accept, and then the candidate… doesn’t show up on day 1? The disappointment and frustration of a lot of work for… nothing

According to CNBC, 20% of employers have experienced this. 

HireVue has a solution to enhance your hiring process and reduce first day no-shows—and stress in the process.

By automating more of your hiring, you can spend less time worried about candidate ghosting. Learn why automated reminders are the key to keeping your candidates engaged, boosting the candidate experience, and eliminating (your) stress. 

Keep candidates engaged and informed.

Did you know that 81% of people in the US text? Or that 6 billion (yes billion) texts are sent daily? Not to mention 94% of Gen Z are texting. 

What does that mean for hiring? We think it’s pretty clear. TA teams need to start texting. 

HireVue makes 24/7/365 day engagement easy and stress-free, so you can spend more time on building relationships and less time worrying you’ll be ghosted. 

Engagement isn’t just about keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process (even though you should be texting them reminders to complete their interviews!). Effective engagement continues even after the offer is made. 

Reduce first day no-shows with candidate reminders and messages to keep them engaged before their first day. Examples of reminder messages you can send include:

  • Reference check information
  • Onboarding paperwork needed
  • Notification of networking events near them
  • Congratulatory messages for recent college graduates 

We allow teams to send texts from a platform (not a personal phone), so your IT and legal teams can breathe a sigh of relief.

Create a positive first impression.

How you treat your candidates during the hiring process is a critical clue to how you treat your employees. Almost 80% of candidates feel the candidate experience is reflective of the employee experience. And when 80-90% say a candidate experience can change their feelings about a role or company, it’s pretty clear your hiring processes should meet your candidates where they are—on their phones.

Did you know candidates’ top complaint about hiring is the lack of communication? The simple addition of texting can create a positive candidate (and recruiter) experience and ensure your brand perception is positive—a critical piece for companies whose candidates are also customers. 

Candidates are busy balancing life’s responsibilities, stress, and activities. Create a candidate experience that values flexibility and convenience, showing them you value them as humans first and employees second. 

See it in action.

Okay, so you get the idea, but what are the results? Well, let’s take a look at how one HireVue customer has completely transformed their hiring with the simple addition of texting.

Beacon Health System

Problem: The nursing industry faced a mass departure of nurses and burnout due to the pandemic. Beacon Health System wanted to create a more positive candidate experience, modernize their brand with a friendly, more inclusive voice, and create meaningful relationships from the start.

Solution: HireVue conversational AI and texting

Results: Beacon can send campaign messages to their passive candidates ahead of networking events in addition to checking in with new employees at their 30/60/90 day marks to establish positive rapport.

  • 90% text delivery campaign

Read full case study here.

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