HireVue Leads The Charge Toward Faster, Better Hiring With Cutting-Edge Product Innovations

November 10th, 2020
HireVue Team
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Virtual hiring is new to many, but it's not new to us. HireVue has been leading the charge toward a better, easier, and faster hiring process for over 15 years.

We never stop innovating. In a world where change is rapid and constant, our practices and offerings continue to evolve as we strive to help our customers, and their job candidates, make better decisions.

Our most recent webinar featured HireVue CTO, Loren Larsen, as he took a deep dive into HireVue's latest product innovations, including a recent partnership with Microsoft Teams, as well as the acquisition of AllyO.

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Speed & Ease: The Names of the Game

So far this year, 85% of businesses have accelerated digital transformation, implementing technologies to better support and engage their workforce. Meanwhile, 67% have accelerated their use of automation and AI. HireVue alone is on pace to conduct 1,000,000 virtual interviews every 30 days.

What does this mean? Virtual hiring is no longer a "nice-to-have," but a "must-have." HireVue CTO Loren Larsen describes HireVue's latest product innovations best:

"Most of our customers are dealing with massive hiring volume, in part because of how easy digital transformation has made applying for jobs. Candidates tend to get lost in the shuffle, and that’s where we come in."

For a multitude of customers, HireVue has reduced time-to-fill, while simultaneously casting a wider net that brings in the best, most diverse talent. Our most recent partnerships, and acquisition, have only enhanced these results.

HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams

HireVue Interviews for Microsoft Teams empowers faster, better hiring decisions from right inside the Microsoft Teams platform. With innovative hiring intelligence, and support for 1:1 or group interviews, Teams now has the functionality to serve as both meeting software and collaborative interviewing software.

"HireVue for Teams enhances collaboration between the recruiter and hiring manager because it's fully integrated into their existing workflow. Additionally, it helps fight bias through a more structured, consistent interview process." - HireVue CEO Kevin Parker

Functions include:

  • Structured interviews built right into Teams Meetings. HireVue integrates predefined interview questions automatically into Teams and easily converts the Teams Meeting experience into a HireVue Interview.
  • Per-question rating, and ranking of candidate responses, for each hiring team member.
  • Notes captured during interviews, which are organized by question for each hiring team member.
  • Seamless facilitation of collaborative hiring decisions through candidate final recommendation (yes/no).

AllyO Acquisition Improves Hiring Velocity and Talent Quality

To continue elevating the quality of candidate experience, HireVue recently acquired AllyO. AllyO provides personalized, 24/7 engagement through chat, mobile text, and automated workflows that speed up hiring, unlock recruiter productivity and create better overall experiences for recruiters, candidates, and hiring teams.

Imagine applying for a new job, then receiving a response within 24 hours. With AllyO, candidates look forward to both email and text communication to support the pre-qualification process. As text messaging becomes the communication mode of choice for today’s workforce, the marriage of AllyO and HireVue technologies helps reduce time to fill by up to 50%, all while creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

"The addition of AllyO will enable talent acquisition teams to have engaging, personalized conversations with millions of active job-seekers any time of day or night, and on the devices they prefer. AllyO instantly handles many of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks, freeing them up to personally engage with the most qualified candidates." - HireVue CEO Kevin Parker

Looking for ways to ramp up your recruiting efforts? Get a demo today, and find out why HireVue's advanced video interview software, cutting-edge game-based assessment tools, and automated interview scheduling technology are at the forefront of virtual hiring solutions.