Top tips for seasonal hiring this summer

May 3rd, 2022
HireVue Team
Seasonal hiring

As the summer approaches, hiring teams are facing a specific challenge–quickly hiring the top seasonal talent before someone else does.

Summer 2022 is certainly expected to look different than the last two years as travel and gatherings increase. According to Forbes, 2022 summer travel plans are on the rise as 85% of Americans are planning to travel this summer while 46% plan to fly. Plus, the pandemic has seen a massive increase in home improvement projects–up 82%. Between hospitality, building and construction, and summer camp, many will be looking for work this summer.

Below are four tips to add to your seasonal hiring toolkit.

Make sure you’re engaging on a phone screen. 

Every year, millions of college kids head home for the summer looking for seasonal opportunities. Not to mention the millions searching for positions away from home like those at resorts and summer camps. Technology like HireVue enables you to reach more students without actually visiting more campuses by incorporating text recruiting, conversational AI,  automation, and on-demand interviews. 

To properly engage this digitally native generation, you need to meet them where they are–on their phones. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day, and according to  Business of Apps, 64% of Gen Z smartphone users “are constantly connected online with 57% admitting that they feel insecure without their mobile phone.” Incorporating text-powered chatbots to prescreen candidates and schedule interviews not only provides a better candidate experience but helps you make offers quicker. 

Be flexible. 

In 2021, 42% of HireVue interviews were completed outside of regular work and school hours. When looking for seasonal talent, it’s important to remember many candidates have class or full-time jobs already, so interviewing during a typical 9-5 setting may not be possible. Offering on-demand interviews allows candidates to put their best foot forward. 

Be upfront about expected job responsibilities.

Many seasonal workers are new to the industry, so be sure you set them up for success by offering realistic job previews. For those workers new to the industry, hiring teams should provide a realistic look at what the day-to-day activities, responsibilities, and working conditions will look like. Using technology like HireVue allows you to incorporate a preview into the interview process, saving time for both parties. Plus, CareerPlug urges teams to ask candidates to provide their availability as part of the pre-qualifying process allowing hiring teams to then “automatically fast-track applicants who have the availability you need and gracefully reject those who don’t.”

Hire faster. 

Did you know the top reason people turn down job offers is that they were offered another? It takes 25 days, on average, to hire in the retail industry, and the hospitality industry takes almost twice as long at 46 days. On top of that, after they apply, it takes businesses 7.52 days to engage a candidate.

In a candidate-driven market, that is entirely too long.

But how do you actually hire faster? Incorporating AI, texting automation, on-demand interviews, and providing realistic job previews is a great way to secure the top talent faster than someone else. 

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