Utilizing Big Data in Your Hiring Process

May 3rd, 2013
HireVue Team
Video Interviewing

Utilizing Big Data in Your Hiring Process New technologies and systems mean that recruiters and workforce managers have more data than ever to crunch. More candidates are presenting more data through more channels than ever before - and the companies that can assimilate that information effectively have the best chance of hiring top-tier workers. The vastness of this data makes it simultaneously rich and unwieldy, which begs the question: how do you turn unstructured data into real-time analytics, while keeping up with the accelerating pace of data creation? This is one reason why the difficulties of managing data on talent - both applicants and employees - has become an important strategic concern for a number of businesses, especially those in tech. Finding the right resume for a job is a challenge because there are so many - without even including passive candidates. Luckily, there are a number of tools, like the cloud and our own CodeVue software, that help you get the most out of big data when it comes to your hiring process. At a time when many companies are asking if they should develop big data expertise in-house, remember that it's likely simpler and more functional to check out software like CodeVue instead of building your own. CodeVue makes big data management easy throughout the technical interviewing process by automatically validating and scoring interviewee responses from technical interviews. CodeVue makes it easy to sift through coding challenge score details, raw and executed code, and video responses to behavioral-based interview questions. It minimizes the need for human data crunching, simplifying the interview process by sharing interview responses, code samples and scores across the hiring and IT recruitment team. As Monster.com points out,  a great talent management system with big data technology can speedily search and analyze huge volumes of diverse applicant data. CodeVue does so via a scalable, cloud-based platform, letting you glean the most intelligence from your data and translate that into a real and clear business advantage.