Enhance Workday Recruiting and create an efficient, standout hiring experience

We have helped over 125 Workday customers reimagine their hiring process. Enhancing Workday Recruiting is easy with HireVue’s industry-leading video interviewing, modern assessment technology.

  • Accelerated time to hire by 40%
  • Saved millions of dollars in costs by automating manual tasks
  • Delivered a standout candidate experience

Accelerate Your Recruiting with HireVue

HireVue is the leading talent experience platform with the Workday Certified integration badge. Easily integrate HireVue and Workday Recruiting to:

  • Look beyond resumes and job applications to consistently evaluate all candidates on the right things that predict job success today and tomorrow.
  • Enable recruiters and hiring managers to easily collaborate and focus on high impact activities, rather than mundane tasks.

Your Hiring Team’s Experience

  • Match candidate skills with the skills that are needed today and tomorrow, to grow the company.
  •  Stop chasing candidates, use chat-based tools for easy post-application outreach – from prescreening and scheduling to post-interview engagement.
  • Retire sifting through resumes/CVs, or conducting phone screens by enabling assessments with one click inside Workday – all within a single hiring workflow.
  • Enable one automated system of record, so recruiters no longer need to work out of multiple systems or manually update candidate statuses and data.