Pre-built Hourly and Graduate Assessments

Find the best talent for your roles quickly and effectively

To secure top talent you need to rapidly assess for future performance at the point of hiring. Using years of assessment experience and data, HireVue has designed pre-built assessments for Hourly and Graduate hiring. Determining the best competencies and skills has already been done – so you can quickly start finding the best talent in a fast, fair and engaging way.

Backed by science

Assess candidates on job-relevant skills in a quick and engaging experience. Easily prioritize candidates based on their potential and work style, how they collaborate with people, and how they work with information.

Create a fair, fast screening process

Pre-built assessment use years of existing data to provide a robust screening tool that will fit your job needs and mitigate bias. Align assessments with the candidate experience you want to provide for each role.

Hourly Assessments

Identifies the attributes for success and hire candidates before your competition even calls them back. HireVue’s machine learning algorithms surface the candidates that will interact best with your customers – all while returning precious time to your managers.

Graduate Assessments

Hire more graduates without visiting more campuses. Scale your early-talent hiring and identify your organisation’s future leaders in the fairest and fastest way possible. Focus on skills and screen for potential with assessments specifically designed for digitally-savvy graduate talent. 

Review Background
“We were hiring based solely on experience and we wanted to start screening for potential too.”
Melissa Gee Kee, Strategy Director to the CHRO & Global HR4HR Director, Unilever
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