HireVue announces industry first Agile Mindset Assessment to help organizations future-proof their teams

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HireVue’s Chief Organizational Psychologist Presents New Assessment at UNLEASH World

October 11, 2022, Salt Lake City, Utah: HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, and text-enabled recruiting tools, announces a cutting-edge pre-hire assessment to measure a candidate’s agile mindset. In a job market filled with constant change, this assessment helps companies identify candidates with a propensity for faster thinking, efficiency and flexible ways of working. 

Designed to understand the core areas of an agile mindset in just under thirty minutes, the five interview questions and three games in the new Agile Mindset Assessment measure: 

  • People agility: Describes people who know themselves well, learn from experience, treat others constructively, and are cool and resilient under the pressures of change. 
  • Results agility: Describes people who get results under tough conditions, inspire others to perform beyond normal, and exhibit the sort of presence that builds confidence in others. 
  • Mental agility: Describes people who think through problems from a fresh point of view and are comfortable with complexity, ambiguity, and explaining their thinking to others. 
  • Change agility: Describes people who are curious, have a passion for ideas, like to experiment with test cases, and engage in skill building activities. 

“The future of work will require filling some roles that don’t exist today or roles in ever changing work environments, and we think that many of the same employees you have today can move to those new positions as long as they have the required skills and mindset,” said Dr. Nathan Mondragon, Chief IO Psychologist at HireVue. “This new assessment is designed for professional hires and internal mobility for your existing professional staff – it enables you to create a workforce where optimal effectiveness is more important than job title or degree.”

New assessment built upon a century of science

HireVue Assessments give companies science-backed results designed for the strictest standards of fairness and security. Built for a wide variety of professional-level positions versus a specific job title, the Agile Mindset Assessment finds employees both externally and internally who have the talent to move into future upskilled roles. 

UNLEASH World, October 12-13

The HireVue team is attending the UNLEASH World conference in Paris, October 12-13th. Join HireVue’s Chief Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Nathan Mondragon, and HireVue’s SVP of Global Strategy and Solutions, Dina Taylor, for an in-depth presentation on the Agile Mindset Assessment. Their presentation, “Adapt to Survive: Why Agile Talent is the Future of Work” will provide attendees with an in-depth exploration of the new assessment and the research behind it, as well as provide strategies to deploy a text-powered process that identifies people with critical skills for professional roles across your organization.

Visit here to learn more about the Agile Mindset Assessment.

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