HireVue announces research fellowship with distinguished professor of industrial-organizational psychology, Dr. Richard N. Landers

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Research collaboration to further enhance hiring assessments technology & improve the prediction of candidate job success for HireVue customers

SALT LAKE CITY, September 9, 2021 — HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, chatbot and recruiting automation technology, announces a research fellowship with Dr. Richard N. Landers, an Associate Professor of Psychology, who holds the John P. Campbell Distinguished Professorship of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. This series of original research projects will enhance HireVue’s AI-based assessments in the areas of psychological measurement and prediction of job success, and will primarily focus on improving game-based assessments, which are an efficient, modern and candidate-friendly way to assess applicants – particularly for hourly and campus recruiting.

Dr. Landers’ areas of expertise include the use of innovative technologies in assessment, employee selection, adult learning, and research methods. His recent works have included big data, game-based learning, game-based assessment, gamification, unproctored Internet-based testing, mobile devices, virtual reality, and online social media. The primary outcomes of this fellowship will be at least two scientific research papers with the intention of guiding HireVue in its development of additional evidence-based product features to continually improve the prediction of job success for HireVue’s world class customers.

“HireVue’s support for my research fellowship is a clear signal of their commitment to advancing the science of industrial-organizational psychology, and I am optimistic that this admirable leadership in science-practice will inspire others to do the same,” said Dr. Landers. “My goal for our research is to help the field produce more evidence that novel technology-based assessments can have similar psychometric results as traditional assessments, and I’m looking forward to getting that great research done together, in a true interdisciplinary collaboration.”

“Our partnership with Dr. Landers is an exciting opportunity for us to further identify evidence-based product improvements that benefit our assessment customers and their job candidates,” said Kevin Parker, Chairman and CEO of HireVue. “Dr. Landers and his team at Landers Workforce Science LLC conducted a rigorous independent audit that identified key growth opportunities through future research, and we’re happy for this logical extension of the work we’ve already undertaken.”

HireVue is committed to creating software and technology that is driven by science and putting theory to practice to do better for customers, candidates, and the public who use its software. This work is a part of their ongoing leadership in defining the transparent and appropriate use of AI and software in hiring. The company will publicly share the results as they become available, just as it did with its previous algorithmic audit conducted by O’Neil Risk Consulting & Algorithmic Auditing (ORCAA) and its audit of its application of Industrial/Organizational (IO) Psychology to job candidate selection.

More details on our commitment to AI Ethics and the standards that drive our science can be found at https://www.hirevue.com/why-hirevue/ai-ethics

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