Independent audit affirms the scientific foundation of HireVue assessments

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Future research and product enhancements from audit to be deployed in 2021

SALT LAKE CITY, April 7, 2021 — HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, chatbot and recruiting automation technology, today released audit results evaluating its application of Industrial/Organizational (IO) Psychology to job candidate selection. Conducted by Landers Workforce Science LLC, the audit concludes: 

“In general, HireVue reaches or exceeds industry standards for the creation of high-stakes assessments, and this audit exposed no weaknesses that critically undermine HireVue’s approach.”

At the start of building every assessment, HireVue’s team of IO Psychologists perform a detailed Job Analysis that identifies the competencies required to be successful in a particular role at a particular company. Our team then designs structured interview questions and game-based challenges that allow candidates to demonstrate those competencies. This process gives employers a clear, quantifiable result to assist selection decisions, while minimizing bias by removing decisions traditionally based on gut feeling, which is often subject to conscious and unconscious biases. 

Central to the audit findings is the conclusion that the HireVue job analysis process was “of very high quality and rigor in relation to established standards…resulting in the creation of trustworthy content-related validation evidence and subsequent hiring decisions.” Also of note was Dr. Landers’ conclusion about the company’s use of AI and IO Psychology produces results supported by IO Psychology science. 

The audit procedure

The audit was conducted by distinguished professor and CEO of Landers Workforce Science LLC, Dr. Richard Landers. Dr. Landers spent considerable time interviewing the HireVue science team, and reviewed close to 1000 pages of documentation, with follow-up Q&A, to reach the final version of the audit narrative. The report details HireVue’s methods for evaluating job candidates’ readiness for the job, documenting the reliability and validity of its approach, and conducting testing and mitigation to minimize bias for a protected class or group of job seekers. 

“This audit affirms HireVue’s application of IO Psychology to identify qualified candidates based on job-related criteria, not gut instinct,” said Kevin Parker, Chairman and CEO of HireVue. “Third-party audits like these help us identify opportunities for future research and product improvements that have immediate benefit to our customers and their job candidates.”

Future research and product enhancements

At the conclusion of the audit, the science team used the results to identify assessment improvement areas, such as the need for blending structured interviewing, conversational AI, and chatbot technology into an elegant assessment for applicants. The full audit narrative and details about future research and product improvements is now available to read. 

HireVue’s commitment to defining the transparent and appropriate use of AI and software in hiring is ongoing, and the audit is part of a broader company effort to continually fine tune its assessments with regularly scheduled product updates throughout the year.

More details on our commitment to AI Ethics and the standards that drive our science can be found at

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