HireVue launches Builder for Live - professionally designed interview questions that measure and prioritize skills

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  • Science backed, structured interview builder prioritizes job-relevant skills 
  • Award winning interview generator designed to be more inclusive of autistic candidates

Salt Lake City, April 25th, 2023 –  HireVue, the global leader in video interviewing, assessments, and text-enabled recruiting tools today announced HireVue Builder for Live, its latest innovative solution for modern enterprise hiring. HireVue Builder for Live combines the company’s award-winning structured interview generator with the power of its live interview platform to bring consistency and fairness to every version of virtual interviews.

HireVue Builder for Live provides hiring teams with well designed, pre-written and science-backed interview questions that evaluate for job-relevant skills, all while capturing feedback within the interview experience. The ability to assess role-specific competencies over points on a resume is critically important as nearly half (48%) of all talent leaders HireVue recently surveyed are prioritizing a skills-first approach in an attempt to mitigate labor shortages.

“Businesses of today are hiring candidates knowing that upskilling and reskilling are inevitable as the skill landscape changes every day. Add to that persistent labor shortages, and there’s an urgent need to transform the interview process so that it’s focused on identifying potential and skills,” said Anthony Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of HireVue. “Frankly, asking the same bad questions to a bigger pool of candidates is just scaling terrible interviews. We’re here to eliminate that in every step of the interview process.”

With more companies prioritizing previously overlooked candidate groups, interview solutions that are more accessible to all are a necessity. A critical component of HireVue’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is the company’s work to ensure its platform takes into account the needs of autistic and neurodiverse candidates – this is evidenced in this latest product, with every question in the Builder for Live library being written in collaboration with Integrate Autism Employment Advisors.

HireVue Builder for Live at UNLEASH America

Join HireVue at UNLEASH America for its product announcement session, “ChatGPT Shouldn’t Write Your Interview Questions: HireVue Builder Should.” The company’s Chief Occupational Psychologist, Nathan Mondragon Ph.D, and its SVP of Global Strategy and Solutions, Dina Taylor, will give a deep dive into how this latest innovation can improve fairness in the live interview process. The session will be held on April 26th from 11:45 – 12:05 PDT. 

The team will also be available in booth #B524 to discuss how HireVue Builder for Live can help improve hiring at your organization. Book a meeting with one of our hiring experts.

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