HireVue’s AI-driven Assessments:

How Do They Work and Should I Trust Them?

You’ve heard a lot about AI. Depending on which article you’ve read, it will either be the savior or the downfall of talent acquisition, if not the whole human race. At HireVue we’re a lot more measured with our approach to AI. We understand that our AI-based HireVue Assessments are just an assist for highly skilled recruiting professionals. An objective and data-driven assist, but an assist nonetheless. In this session learn more about what HireVue Assessments are measuring, the “people science” behind them, how our models are designed to identify and remove bias from our algorithms, and why you and your team can trust that they will help you meet your lofty TA goals.

Presented by

Nathan Mondragon
Chief IO Psychologist, HireVue

John Slifka
IO Psychology Consultant, HireVue

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