AdventHealth Uses Technology for Consultative Recruiting

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Karla Muniz- My name is Karla Muniz. I work for a very progressive organization that embraces innovation. We are the largest healthcare provider and the largest employer in the healthcare industry across Central Florida. We are a not-for-profit faith based organization, the recruitment team hires about 5000 external employees every year. There's no surprise that there is a shortage There's no surprise that there is a shortage of qualified applicants in healthcare. In roles such as nursing, pharmacists, therapists. So we use live interviews to attract talent from all across the United States and even at international markets. HireVue is mostly utilized for external roles. So how we are attracting new talent into the organization. We utilize On Demand Interviewing, live interviews and we use them for all types of job families in the high volume world and in the heart of the world. I think our biggest win has been around high-volume recruiting. And the reason why is because for most job families in high-volume, we are launching an On Demand Interview, where before HireVue, we had to do a pre-screen that it would take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes, into that you will need to add another maybe 10 minutes to schedule that particular interview, playing phone tag with a candidate. It really just focused in on, once I have my On Demand Interviews, I can just click and start to quickly review a candidate where before it took me 45 minutes to do, today it only takes me 15 minutes to do because the recruiter has the power to be able to pass forward or choose what interviews they, what questions they wanna see or what interviews they wanna review. I tell you, for one particular job family and it is great, in this case are graduate nurses. We partnered with HireVue and did a Time Study earlier this year, that with in an eight-month period, three recruiters were able to save, combined 500 hours of pre-screening time for our graduate nurses. And ultimately what that did is allowed us to decrease our time to fill. Where we were able to make from an application all the way to an offer, a period of about two weeks. I really enjoy the opportunity for my team to be the front door. I consistently remind them, "Let's use technology to do the more transactional, "just that grind of work." In order to open productivity for you to be able to spend more time consulting on both sides with the applicants in helping them find that best match and in the Hiring Manager side, to just be a lot more consultative around vacancy rates, or onboarding or really just having to talk about applicant pools and things like that. So rather than just sitting behind a phone and a computer and just screening right after the other is really having to empower them to utilize their consulting skills, their problem solving skills, analytical skills, just to be a much better talent partner.

AdventHealth hires 5,000 employees a year. With qualified candidates hard to find, HireVue helps AdventHealth find candidates from all over the globe to fill critical roles. HireVue technology lets the company hire high-volume, hard-to-fill roles in a fraction of the time. It also empowers recruiters to be true strategic partners to the organization.