Carnival Cruise Lines recruits cabin stewards to marine officers with HireVue

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Katherine Taylor- My name is Katherine Taylor and I work for Carnival Cruise Lines. We do have some roles in Carnival where it kind of boggles my own mind how many people we hire such as cabin stewards or people who work in the galleys, but then you have other roles like engineers or performers where we're looking for very specific talents and for myself specifically, I'm looking for technicians who work with really, really specific equipment and can work on the scale that we have onboard. A lot of the theaters on land don't have the equipment that we have onboard and so it's difficult to get the experience to then transition into our onboard roles because it's so much larger. HireVue allows us to evaluate the candidate on our terms so we get people from around the world and someone from the Philippines may have something on their resume that someone in South Africa has also done, but they call it two different things and so there is a little bit of understanding of what terms mean in different countries and what the industry terms are, what is seen as putting your best foot forward because in the United States, it's totally different than in an African country or an Asian country, very, very different so when you get those resumes, you are evaluating as a person, "Is this someone that I'm interested in?" HireVue takes their skills and says, "Does this fit with our job?" And it's not just taking it and evaluating it on what they've decided to put forward, it's taking their skills and putting it into our job description to say, "Hey, it doesn't matter what you call that on your resume, "that is a skill that you have, "that's what we're looking for. "This assessment is evaluating this "and you did a great job "and we'd love to put you into that role." And they come onboard and they're fantastic team members. Over the past five years, we have averaged a loss of at least 30% of our work force every year and so we're having to replace 30% every year which is a huge turnover and also effects the work onboard because we don't have as experienced technicians. They're not coming back for two, three, four contracts which is what our goal is and this year, we're not at the end of the year yet, but I'm very proud to say that we have cut that number to probably around 10 to 12% of our workforce that we are losing this year. That not only effects how many people we're hiring, it effects our product onboard because we have more experienced technicians in our workforce. I actually had a hiring manager come to me recently and say, "I haven't had any HireVues in a week. "Where are the HireVues? "I like doing the HireVues now," which is totally different than what we did before. They actually enjoy evaluating the candidates.

Carnival Cruise Lines uses HireVue to scale its global recruiting efforts for cruise ship roles from the highly specialized to the high volume.