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Richard Waite(upbeat music) - My name is Richard Waite. I'm the Head of Resourcing at Grant Thornton in the UK We are a professional services and accountancy organization working across audit tax and advisory. There're about 5,000 people working for us across the UK, part of a global network with a presence in around 120 countries. And I was part of the original project team, actually, that implemented HireVue back in 2013, I think what we didn't anticipate was the fact that, young people generally students really opt for this kind of thing and they can figure out as they go along, they've grown up around technology like this. So, probably for us as recruiters, it felt much scary than it did for candidates themselves. And what we found now five years on is it's just kind of parts of the usual rhythm of how people apply to jobs. People don't see as weird or scary or intimidating as they may have done five or six years ago. What we're also hearing from candidates is that it just allows them to do the interview at a time that suits them. They aren't having to worry about traveling into London or a big city when they're studying or at university in a different part of the UK. It means that they can focus on preparing for that interview preparing their responses and actually embarking upon that interview when they're ready rather than when we tell them to do the interview. I think as with all parts of our recruitment process absolutely at the heart of how we think about it is how can we respect candidate time and HireVue as well as a couple of other things that we've put in place around our candidate journey is just one of those things that means that we're not being too demanding with what we're asking from candidates. We know that candidates are often applying to two, five, 10, 20 different roles at any one time. And actually how can we make their lives as simple as possible so that they can connect with Grant Thornton around things that we really want them to connect around rather than having to worry about travel, preparing for interviews at a time that doesn't suit them or traveling to a big city where they're not used to being based. (upbeat music)

HireVue lets Grant Thornton connect with candidates around the things that really matter, rather than creating worry over things like travel and scheduling.