Kraft Heinz Finds More Students More Easily

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Hayden Kornblut- So my name is Hayden Kornblut. And I'm the Head of University Relations for KraftHeinz. Life's before HireVue was pretty tedious. And the recruiters we implemented with had never used HireVue before. And they've really enjoyed it. We've personalized our interview process. First, I would say namely we have recorded videos of all of our former interns and trainees who are actually asking the questions. So when a candidate is going through the process and they get a question, it's someone who's actually, a recent graduate just like them asking them the question. We also have an introduction and an exit video that introduces them to the process, to the company. And then at the end it gives them the kind of process going forward. I actually got an email earlier this week from a candidate who just went through the HireVue interview on the On Demand Interview, and they were elated with it. They told us that, they had never really done an On Demand Interview before but really enjoyed it, enjoyed the videos that we had in the beginning for the questions and at the end and overall enjoyed the process, thought it was easy, they thought it was convenient and really able to do it on their own time. What I'm seeing personally is that there are great students everywhere, but I physically can't get to everywhere students are. So being able to utilize a technology like HireVue to get out in front of these students, and more importantly get them in front of us as well, so that we don't overlook them, but just seeing them kind of flourish and grow both personally and professionally to me is the absolute best thing. Just being able to open up our opportunities to more students from more backgrounds more disciplines is gonna be vital for us to continue.
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Kraft Heinz uses HireVue to find student talent faster, more easily, in a more personal way, and from more schools than every before. Students enjoy the process too.