Kraft Heinz Makes the Days of Recruiters Less Tedious

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Hayden Kornblut- My name is Hayden Kornblut. I'm the head of University Relations for Kraft Heinz. Life before HireVue was pretty tedious. So we were still getting thousands upon thousands of applicants, and we were screening as best we can based on resume. But really what it boiled down to is we'd have to have a phone call with those applicants and phone calls can take 10 or 15 or 20 minutes long, there's voicemails and we know nowadays many people aren't checking voicemails. We don't have text messaging capabilities so, having to call, leave a message call back, leave a message call back, and then miss the person that you call. It was quite the debacle and really quite the time constraint on the team. Now that we've implemented HireVue, we're finding that our recruiters have a lot more time on their hands, right? So they can send the HireVue interviews to the candidates and while the candidates are taking them, they can go on to source more candidates. They can go and actively seek candidates instead of just waiting for passive waiting passively for candidates to seek us out. So it allows our recruiters to go out source candidates from more and diverse backgrounds from all over the country where we necessarily wouldn't have found candidates who were interested in us necessarily. And the recruiters we implemented with had never used HireVue before. And they've really enjoyed it. Again it's easy for them, they can kind of set it and forget it sort of a mentality where they can send the HireVue videos, they can then go on and do other things while the candidates are taking the interviews, they then can go back at their time to review the interviews. We use the AI on the back end as well. So we also do get a nice reading as well based on top performers in our organization and how these candidates line up against them. So that's a nice parameter for us as well that we're able to utilize in the space. I physically can't get everywhere students are. So being able to utilize technology like HireVue to get out in front of these students and more importantly, get them in front of us as well, so that we don't overlook them is I think where recruiting is gonna be in the, continue to go in the next couple of years and that's where we personally believe we're gonna go as well. Just being able to open up our opportunities to more students from more backgrounds, more disciplines is gonna be vital for us to continue.
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Kraft Heinz uses HireVue to empower its recruiters to find the best student talent faster, without any phone tag, and regardless of which schools students attend. Recruiters save time and can source more candidates from a broader candidate net. And recruiters enjoy the process even though they’d never used video technology before.