T-Systems Slovakia quickly and easily set ups its HireVue implementation

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Lukas Horvath - My name is Lukas Horvath, I work for T-Systems Slovakia. I've been there since 2009. I've changed several HR roles, and currently I'm a senior HR, International Project Manager, dealing with the projects that have a global impact. When I took over the project, we were running the procurement process with HireVue. I've had some meetings and some sessions with Matt Foget, a very good sales rep. It was really helpful, whatever I told him I need, he was able to deliver very quickly, all the likes and recommendations from our founder or customers or some proposals or something very quick reactions were flexible. Once we signed the contract, then Bavin, came over as an implementation manager, and he was, I mean, in daily contact with us, he helped us with, all the sort of like setups, he gave us some feedback on like, intro, outro videos that we have prepared, and some other stuff that were needed. In that implementation he came over and he did an excellent training, so, very, very supportive. The thing I like the most or the best about HireVue, is that, after the implementation, the contact is not broken, it keeps on going. And we have a person who is still with us who is talking to us, help us measuring some KPIs, and help us sort out the things in that way that we can use the most out of the system. And that customer care, I think it's very valuable.
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T-Systems Slovakia had its HireVue instance up and running quickly and easily by working with the HireVue team. And it continues to enjoy support from the HireVue as it optimizes its use of HireVue video interviewing.