T-Systems Slovakia realizes a faster, easier hiring process

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Alena Rondosova- My name is Alena Rondosova and I work for T-Systems Slovakia for more than 10 years. Most of the time in HR also leading Recruitment and currently am Tribe Lead responsible for Strategy Transformation and Change Management.
Lucas Horvath- My name is Lucas Horvath. I work for T-Systems Slovakia. I've been there since 2009, HR Administration, in charge of Recruiting, Business partners, Payroll, Company bans, HR Development, all of those things.
Alena Rondosova- We have a huge workload in Kosice Plant. It's more than 1,600 positions per year. And it was done by eight recruiters and everything was done manually. So they needed to do the HR Marketing to get candidates applying. And then whole process from the inbox till the end offer or negative rejection was done manually. So screening the CV, talking to people, testing them, testing them on site, then we did assessment centers. And it took a very long time, cost a lot of money if you count how much hours they spent per candidates not only to Recruiters, but also the Hiring Managers.
Lucas Horvath- There's been feedbacks from the business that the hiring is a little bit slow. There were projects that needed to be staffed, but it takes a long time to screen the candidates and then get them on board. And also the Hiring Manager said that the quality of the candidate is not always ideal. So they wanted us to find some way how we can speed it up and how we can even grow in the quality.
Alena Rondosova- So that was the reason why we were trying to find solution which would help us to simplify recruitment, to automise as much as possible.
Lucas Horvath- [Interviewer] Was it worth it?
Alena Rondosova - Yes, definitely.
Lucas Horvath- We plan to spread in Slovakia and potentially globally.
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T-Systems Slovakia went from a slow, manual, time-consuming hiring process to a faster, easier process — with HireVue.