T-Systems Slovakia realizes the value of video interviewing

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Lukas Horvath - My name is Lukas Horvath, I work for T Systems Slovakia. I've been there since 2009. I've changed several HR roles and currently I'm a senior HR international project manager. Dealing with the projects that has a global impact.
Alena Rondosova- My name is Alena Rondosova and I work for T Systems Slovakia, for more than 10 years. Most of the time in HR, also a little recruitment, and currently am tribally to responsible for strategy transformation and change management.
Lukas Horvath - I think like with every change, it was a little bit yes and no, the recruiters did not know what to expect from that, but then once they started to using it, once they find out how it simplifies their work and staff, and even the hiring managers, then they, yeah, felt a bit more confident on doing it and running it and now we're currently at a stage where we're preparing for the roll-out.
Alena Rondosova- If you believe in the solution and if you see the goal and if you see the result how where you can get, what you can gain for the company and not only from the cost perspective but also from employee branding perspective, then you definitely can invest time to explain and to show that this is the right step. If there is somebody not confident or would prefer other solution, we can agree on the small piece, compare two products and select a better way to go.
Lukas Horvath- So it's better to try it out and like a few positions at the beginning, and once it works and you can add the positions on top, and to reach out like a full extent of the positions, so that's one of the things I would recommend. And then the other thing is, like ask for the feedback as much as you can, from the hiring managers, from the candidates, from the recruiters, find out how did they like it, how the process went, how about questions, did they fit, did they not fit. To understand a product quickly and to be able to get the most out of it as soon as possible. And talk to the HireVue people, cause there are some pretty good people in HireVue who can help and support when it comes out. With it organize a small project team, in the company, where we had to represent the things from all the parties that were necessary, we put there a guy for branding, we put out someone from the data privacy, to take care of the statements someone from the recruiting, etc. The thing I like the most or the best about HireVue is that after the implementation, the contact is not like broken, it keeps on going, and we have a person who is still with us, talking to us, help us measuring some KPIs and help us sort out the things in that way that we can use the most out of the system. And that customer care, I think it's very valuable.
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Once they saw how much easier HireVue makes their roles, T-Systems Slovakia recruiters embraced it. Hear the story of how the company rolled out HireVue to the company and its recruiters.