Webinar | AI in Hiring: the Fact, the Fiction, and the Fundamentals

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With the EU AI Act fast-approaching, HR leaders have a finite amount of time to get ahead and aware of what it means for their hiring process and technology partners.

With AI now powering recruitment for many companies, and ChatGPT making headlines around the world, there are as many questions as there are opportunities.

To help you navigate what’s coming down the track, interpret the facts from the fiction, and to show you what good looks like through the lens of one of the world’s biggest brands, an expert panel from HireVue has teamed up Emirates to bring you an exclusive new webinar.

Learn about:

  • The upcoming EU AI regulations and key concepts
  • What is fact and what is fiction when we talk about AI in hiring
  • How Emirates uses AI to solve common hiring challenges
  • Best practices for implementing AI and how to bring stakeholders on the journey
  • The research and audits conducted by HireVue that are shaping global AI policy

AI Explainability Statement – click here

The Co-operative Bank Case Study – click here


Jamie Hey HeadshotJamie Hey
Senior Business Psychologist, Emirates
Lindsey Zuloaga HeadshotLindsey Zuloaga, PhD
Chief Data Scientist, HireVue
Naz Scott HeadshotNaz Scott
General Counsel and Senior Legal Executive, HireVue
Tom Cornell
Senior Occupational Psychologist, HireVue