2023 roundup and 2024 hiring predictions

December 20th, 2023
Anthony A. Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer

2023 has been a fantastic year for HireVue, our customers, and their candidates. As a company we added Modern Hire to our family of solutions, recognized our Customer Excellence Award winners, were recognized as a Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive®, and bonded with all of you over our shared passion for potential.

Take a look at all of the great work we accomplished together:

2024 trend predictions

Before we sign off for our collective company break, I want to share my predictions for 2024 talent trends based on everything we achieved last year and the market head and tailwinds we’re experiencing now.

The stabilizing power of Human Potential Intelligence technology

It’s abundantly clear that the line between chaos and agility within any business is infrastructure: investing in Human Potential Intelligence in 2024 will set apart employers of choice with the capacity to survive, and thrive, despite uncertainty. 

But it’s not just technology that leads to better strategic decision-making, it’s accepting that we’re at an inflection point where innovation is outpacing training for the roles of today. Companies must undergo a mindset shift where they don’t see their open roles as a result of skills shortages but as an opportunity to assess untapped candidates for potential. 

Focusing on potential creates exceptional hiring experiences  

Every candidate, no matter the role, deserves a hiring experience that is prompt, transparent, and personalized. Building hiring experiences around the simple fact that we’re all just humans trying to live our best lives creates amazing hiring experiences.  

2024 is the year when even more businesses will adopt skill assessments to find their stars of tomorrow (assessment adoption was through the roof in 2023). This skills-first focus is going to pay dividends on multiple fronts, including diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives because as companies focus more squarely on what a candidate can do, they’ll end up hiring more diverse people for jobs they’re imminently qualified for.

An inflection point for investing in and regulating AI 

There was a time when using machine learning and artificial intelligence made you an outlier in HR technology, but that’s no longer the case in a world of broad acceptance of AI and the proliferation of ChatGPT. 

The true way to stand apart is through a platform built on AI ethics, cutting-edge research, and rigorous engagement with regulators. Third-party algorithmic audits, AI Explainability Statements, and a robust Science Team are no longer going to be nice-to-haves for vendors in our space as companies race to implement innovations while also being unwilling to sacrifice candidate safety and security. 


The world outside of hiring can feel incredibly uncertain most days, but our team is here to help make the heart of your business – finding your people – feel steady in a world where not much else is. 

We’re signing off for a company-wide shutdown for the last week of December, but if you’re interested in starting the new year with a demo to stay ahead of the trends, book time with one of our hiring experts here

Stay safe and happy holidays.