Event Scheduling Now Available for HireVue Coordinate Customers

February 21st, 2018
Josh Tolman

Hiring events are some of the most stressful, ad hoc experiences faced by recruiting teams. Large groups of candidates, uncoordinated schedules, short windows of time with each candidate the stakes are high. And if an event does not go well, there is little pipeline to show for the effort. That said, they are among the most rewarding when managed effectively. 

Traditionally, organizing hiring events or assessment centers involves a painstaking back-and-forth between recruiters and candidates. Recruiters are left the task of balancing hectic candidate schedules (as is often the case for college students) with limited space and hiring manager availability. Or worse, long lines of frustrated candidates waiting to get into an interview.

Event scheduling software exists, but many of these solutions are unintuitive or overengineered. Some HireVue customers reported spending over an hour to create a single hiring event.

On February 21, HireVue customers gain the ability to set up hiring events in under five minutes via the new event functionality. The process from that point is seamless and automated: candidates invited to the event simply select the block of time that works best for them.

A brief overview of HireVue Coordinate: Coordinate is an interview scheduling software that eliminates administrative tasks that take recruiters away from engaging with their candidates. By integrating the calendars of recruiters, hiring managers, and conference rooms, candidates can self-schedule or reschedule their interviews based on real-time availability.

How Does the Event Functionality Work?

The event functionality allows users to schedule several candidates into specific time slots for hiring events, career fairs, assessment centers, or meetings. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create the event. You can create events to take place over a single day or multiple days. Every event can specify a location and address, as well as any other useful information for the candidate (where to park, what to bring, how to dress, etc).
  2. Create predefined time slots for the event, and select how many candidates can be scheduled in each time slot. For example, if there are two hiring managers fielding candidates from 10:00 am - 11:00 am, but only one hiring manager available from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, you can set up the second slot to reflect the lower capacity. In this case, we might create the first time slot to accommodate 20 candidates, and the second to accommodate 10.
  3. Invite candidates to the event. Invitations can be sent via manual invite, bulk upload, or ATS integration with the HireVue Platform. You can also create an invitation link to your event directly from the interface.
  4. Candidates select the time that works the best for them. Since the recruiter has already defined specific interview blocks, there is no need to integrate calendars.
  5. Time slots fill in on a first-come, first-served basis. Say you have 50 candidates, but the room you’re using to interview only has capacity for 10. You can set up five time slots throughout the day and invite candidates to choose the time that best suits them. Once a block of 10 is filled, candidates can select any of the remaining time slots, but will no longer be able to select the one that is filled. If a candidate in a full block reschedules their interview for a different session, that original time slot will become available again.

We wanted to hone in on the aspects of event scheduling that mattered while focusing on ease of use and maximizing productivity. Our customers who have been beta-testing this Event functionality are reporting smoother hiring events, increased flexibility for busy hiring managers, and simple, candidate-friendly scheduling for assessment centers.

Other Notable for Hiring Event and Assessment Center Scheduling

  1. You can download a report featuring each candidate’s contact information and their scheduled time slot so event organizers and hiring managers know who to expect and when to expect them. 
  2. Emails can be customized to align with your branding guidelines and desired candidate experience.
  3. You can turn an existing “day” into a template and copy it to other days with the same schedule.
  4. It integrates seamlessly with HireVue video interviews. You can automatically invite a candidate to an event as soon as a hiring manager likes their video interview.

With easy hiring event creation for recruiters and seamless scheduling for candidates, you’ll be able to increase the number of candidates who attend events while decreasing the time and effort it takes to get them there.

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About the Author

Josh Tolman headshot.jpgJosh Tolman is a senior product manager at HireVue. As the product manager. he works with design and development to identify HireVue customers' pain points and develop solutions that help them get to the best talent, faster. Find  Josh on LinkedIn.