Introducing Hiring Intelligence: AI-Driven Predictions through Video Questions and Game-Based Challenges

October 10th, 2018
Loren Larsen, Chief Technology Officer
Artificial Intelligence,

Hiring has always been a trade-off between quality and speed. To make better predictions about a candidate’s potential for success, you needed to bring more interviewers into the hiring panel, or give candidates several types of tests - slowing down your hiring process. 

This paradox is obsolete with Hiring Intelligence in the mix. Hiring Intelligence is using AI predictions to make better and faster hiring decisions. By getting the predictive information you need at the beginning of the hiring process, you can greatly decrease time to hire without sacrificing quality. In many cases, quality improves because you can hire the best talent on the market before your competition gets the chance to meet them.

Since 2014, HireVue has leveraged AI to evaluate recorded video interviews with validity, consistency, and objectivity. This marked a huge shift in how companies could discover great talent. Candidates could complete a short video interview instead of taking a lengthy pre-employment test. In addition, employers could watch and share each candidate’s interview, eliminating unnecessary steps in the hiring process.

AI-driven predictions provide valuable decision support to human recruiters and hiring managers.

HireVue Assessments Now Include Game-Based Challenges

For the past four years, HireVue Assessments have helped TA departments reduce time to fill, increase quality of hire, and give candidates a great assessment experience. 

With HireVue’s acquisition of MindX, HireVue Assessments are becoming even more predictive and comprehensive. Employers can now use game-based challenges alongside video-based interview questions to gain deeper insight into a candidate’s cognitive skill set. 

Cognitive ability is one of the best predictors of job success, particularly for roles with a high degree of complexity. A game-based approach to cognitive assessment measures critical cognitive traits like problem solving, learning agility, and quantitative aptitude in a quick, engaging, and progressive manner. 

video questions game based challenges

Unveiling Competency-Level Scoring Reports

For the first time ever, HireVue Assessments will provide a comprehensive, objective measure of a candidate’s aptitude and job-related competencies. Below you can see an example of the Candidate Report for a software developer candidate. 

software developer evaluation This assessment for software developers consists of video-based interview questions, game-based challenges, and a coding challenge. Based on their performance in the video-based questions and game-based challenges, we can see that they are in the Middle Tier of candidates overall. We can also see the score they received in their coding challenge.

Understanding a candidate’s individual competencies also allows you to probe specific strengths or deficiencies during a follow-up interview, and even identify development opportunities after they are hired. 

pre-built competencies

In this case, we can see that the candidate ranks very high on measures of Personal Stability (their ability to cope under pressure), Willingness to Learn, and Conscientiousness & Responsibility. 

Artificial intelligence provides the predictions, human intelligence provides the context and strategy. Together, they make great hiring decisions.

Should this candidate progress in the hiring process? It’s up to the recruiter or hiring manager. If strong coding chops and performance under pressure are what their engineering team needs most, they may consider moving forward.

Announcing Pre-Built Assessments

Building on HireVue’s experience with more than eight million on-demand interviews, today we’re also pleased to announce the addition of Pre-Built Assessments to the HireVue Assessments solution. 

With Pre-Built Assessments, AI-driven predictions are available to more organizations than ever before.

We are adding two types of Pre-Built Assessments to our pre-hire assessment offering: job-specific assessments and cognitive skill assessments. 

HireVue’s job-specific Pre-Built Assessments combine video-based interview questions and game-based challenges - and one includes coding challenges - to provide comprehensive insight into the competencies crucial for success. While more job roles will be added in the future, Pre-Built Assessments will initially be available for these four job roles: 

  • Call Center Service Agent
  • Sales Representative
  • Retail Associate
  • Software Developer

We’re also launching three new cognitive skill assessments; these measure specific cognitive traits with game-based challenges. Each of the cognitive assessments measures a different collection of competencies, reflecting the unique array of skills required for different types of jobs.

Better Predictions, Better Decisions, Better Hires

With the addition of Pre-Built Assessments, more organizations than ever can gain access to Hiring Intelligence. AI-driven predictions empower recruiters and hiring managers to focus their time on the best candidates for the job. With deep insight into a candidate’s relevant competencies, employers can uncover the best hires for their organization. 

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Loren Larsen HeadshotAs Chief Technology Officer, Loren Larsen is responsible for guiding HireVue’s product direction through the product management, user experience, and engineering teams. Larsen is an award-winning technology veteran with more than 20 years of engineering and research experience. Find him on LinkedIn.