HireVue at HR Tech 2023: Unlock potential & optimize your HR tech stack

September 6th, 2023
The HireVue Team

One of the industry’s premier events is right around the corner—and HireVue is prepared to make some noise at this year’s HR Tech and help you meet your hiring strategy goals.

Last year, we noticed a few trends rising to the top including:

  • People are what matter

    Our booth in 2022 was all about the “high-tech, human touch” of HireVue. And after a couple of years of pandemic isolation, the emphasis on human touch was all over the show. We saw reminders about putting the jobseeker first and the importance of connecting people to jobs, better benefits, and deeper connections—a key piece worth remembering this year as well.

  • AI is here to stay

    There’s no surprise here that last year’s show focused heavily on AI in hiring—and with budgets for tech increasing this year, we expect the same at the 2023 show. Last year, we talked a lot about AI regulation and our hope that the broader conversations catch up to what we’ve been engaged in for a while now. In our recap, we talked about the importance of an audit program (here are our IO and algorithmic audits) as well as explainability statements (we’re the second company in the world to release one).

  • Hiring tech is a must

    Last year, we talked about the importance of measuring candidates today for tomorrow’s challenges. How? By leaning into skill-based hiring with the right technology in place. While assessments provide the data you need to make well-informed decisions, conversational AI allows you to keep your candidates engaged throughout the whole hiring process.

This year, we’re expecting some of the same themes we saw last year but with another layer. Here are a few things we look forward to discussing and seeing at HR Tech 2023.

Connecting talent to opportunity—and unlocking potential

At HireVue, we exist to connect talent to opportunity and help at every step of the journey including engaging, screening, assessing, interviewing, hiring, and even past the start date. Part of that process is unlocking the potential of your candidates, because we know every candidate has it. 

Unlocking potential is a critical piece to skill-based hiring, because when you measure for the skills and competencies needed for a role, you begin to build a workforce that can adapt and change with tomorrow’s challenges. 

Measuring for potential shows you value your candidates as people, but so does your entire candidate experience. HireVue solutions enhance the experience from step 1 of the journey to day 1 on the new job. With Job Matching Automation that matches candidates with roles based on skills (not titles) and texting solutions that keep them engaged through the interview process and even after they accept the offer, our tech allows you to build an experience that puts people first. 

A hiring strategy that optimizes your HR tech stack

Our 2023 Global Trends Report showed that 30% of people are increasing their HR tech budgets to reach rising needs with less manpower. And at a show called “HR Tech,” we can expect the latest in innovative hiring technology. 

Since last year, HireVue marked a new era in hiring with its acquisition of Modern Hire—unlocking our ability to solve the world’s most pressing talent dilemmas. And now with an expanded suite of solutions, we empower organizations with the most comprehensive and innovative platform for assessment, interviewing, and end-to-end hiring automation. (Did we mention we have an assessment for every job at every level now?)

And with an even larger team of IO psychologists and data scientists, we are committed to science, innovation, and the power of ethical AI to unlock candidate and employee potential. 

We get it though. HR Tech is a big show and combing through the details of what you really need can be overwhelming. We’ve broken it down into 3 easy tips to keep in mind when you’re looking through your options. When optimizing your current tech stack, you need solutions that:

  • Automate your pain points
  • Integrate with your ATS
  • Engage more candidates in less time

But this just touches the surface. 

Want to learn more?

Stop by HireVue booth #2716. We’re excited and we hope you are too. See you in Vegas!

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