The importance of auditing your hiring process

March 25th, 2024

Today’s TA teams are faced with a large task: wading through the oversaturated pool of hiring technology and finding the pieces that work together best.

It’s no small feat—not to mention it’s a laborious, administrative task that takes time away from actual hiring.

And where do you even start? Well, instead of looking at just your CRM or your ATS or your hiring platform, you have to think about how they all work together. Integrating a tech stack is important, but ensuring the integration is strong is the piece that’s critical for success. Without a strong integration, you’ll end up with a bunch of random pieces of technology that make your life harder (and make you slam your laptop in frustration).

Below are 4 tips to optimizing your tech stack, so you can create one holistic hiring ecosystem built for hiring success.

Consider your CRM and ATS integration.

An effective hiring strategy involves a Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration that works seamlessly.

A CRM is a necessary tool in managing a vast database of candidates, allowing for segmentation, personalized communication, and engagement tracking. HireVue offers an innovative approach to the initial screening of candidates, utilizing structured interviewing and assessments to assess candidates’ suitability beyond what a resume shows.

Your ATS is a source of truth, literally tracking your applicants through your hiring funnel. A solution like HireVue integrates with both your CRM and ATS to supercharge your hiring efficiency.

When one HireVue customer grew 230% in the midst of COVID, they needed a way to more efficiently hire and move their applicants through the process. By turning to HireVue, they were not only able to move away from resume review and start screening for potential but also integrate with Workday for a seamless experience.

They now use resumes to simply create a Workday profile and then the HireVue chatbot sends out screening questions and the online assessment before candidates can then self-schedule an interview. As a result, they’ve seen:

  • 50% reduction in time-to-hire (14 to 7 days)
  • 93% CSAT
  • 83% completion rate

How are you engaging candidates?

Automation is the key to a strong engagement strategy. Similarly, if you’re looking at your CRM or ATS as standalone products, you’re going to miss out on hundreds or even thousands of candidates simply due to lack of communication.

HireVue Direct Messaging allows you to send out hiring campaigns from a platform (not a personal phone!) with a direct link to apply through a text. Teams can easily send out 1:1 or campaign SMS messages from a secure, compliant platform, boosting healthy candidate engagement. Engaging with candidates via text allows for a more personalized approach and helps them see the potential at your company that they may not have seen otherwise.

In addition, self-scheduling allows candidates to avoid stagnation in the process and eliminates the headache of phone and email tag which greatly slows down hiring. Give time back to the candidates to better prepare and showcase their potential knowing they’ve selected a time that works best for them. Showing you value your candidates’ time is a reflection of how you value your employees.

Plus, texting allows you to engage 4x more candidates 5x faster.


HireVue Human Potential Intelligence provides AI-driven tech designed to assess the skills and competencies for specific roles to better predict success on the job. And with an assessment for any job at any level, you can ensure every hiring decision is backed by data.

And while all of that sounds great, how do assessments actually fit in your tech stack, integrate with your CRM and ATS and empower an optimized process? Here’s an example of how it could work:

  • Your candidate applies to an open role via the HireVue chatbot (that matches and suggests all the jobs that fit their skillset) on your careers page or via text from a QR code.
  • This then creates a profile via your ATS, and HireVue texts out an assessment to complete.
  • Qualified candidates are then invited to self-schedule an interview at a time that best works for their schedule, which very well could be outside the typical 9-5 window.
  • Candidates receive texts reminding them of the interview.
  • After the interview and offer, teams can send out texts to continue engagement before day 1. For example, information on networking events or needed paperwork goes a long way in maintaining healthy communication before the start date.
  • If a candidate isn’t right for this role, your CRM can become your future talent pool for other open roles at your company. Text campaigns are a great way to engage your CRM talent pool.

What to look for in an ethical vendor

When optimizing your tech stack, think through your system’s ability to integrate, automate, and engage.

But also ensure you’re providing an ethical experience for both parties. HireVue is a proud advocate of ethical AI and actually supplied the industry’s first AI Explainability Statement.

In short, when researching options, any vendor should be able to do the following:

  • Easily explain how their technology works
  • Explain it in a way that makes sense
  • Explain their ROI and validity

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