Enhance your hiring process with HireVue's CRM integration

February 9th, 2024
The HireVue Team

In the modern hiring landscape, leveraging technology to streamline recruitment processes is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Among the myriad of tools available, it’s critical to think through your whole process and ensure each piece is working for you. With HireVue, teams can tap into AI-driven tech designed to unlock candidate potential, and when integrated with your Candidate-Relationship Management (CRM), you can transform your hiring process. A strong CRM integration, helps ensure efficiency and effectiveness in managing candidate relationships.

Start with a wide view

Your HR tech stack has to be functional and optimized for your entire hiring process. If you treat your tech like a la carte purchasing, you’ll end up with disjointed technology that doesn’t work for you. 

Your CRM provides you with a database of candidates, but if you haven’t optimized a process around those candidates… where will they go? Recruiters will then be inundated with too many candidates—with too great a possibility of leaving your top talent on the table. Once your CRM is in place, your tech should allow you to easily engage, screen, assess, interview, and eventually hire the top candidates. 

The synergy of HireVue and a CRM

Understanding the individual contributions of HireVue and a CRM system sets the stage for appreciating their combined power. HireVue offers an innovative approach to the initial screening of candidates, utilizing structured interviewing and assessments to assess candidates’ suitability beyond what a resume shows. On the other hand, a CRM is invaluable in managing a vast database of candidates, allowing for segmentation, personalized communication, and engagement tracking. But why is it essential to integrate HireVue with your CRM, and how does it complement your hiring strategy?

Enhanced candidate management and engagement

Integrating HireVue with your CRM empowers you to manage a comprehensive database of candidates while seamlessly moving them into your hiring funnel. This integration facilitates the direct engagement of candidates through personalized messaging, ensuring a more interactive and engaging recruitment process. 

HireVue Direct Messaging allows you to send out hiring campaigns from a platform (not a personal phone!) with a direct link to apply through a text. Teams can also send 1:1 or campaign SMS messages from a secure, compliant platform instead of having to use their own devices. And with the capability, you’re able to easily fuel strong candidate engagement. For example, send:

  • First-day reminders 
  • Graduation congratulations to your early talent hires
  • Information on nearby networking events
  • Helpful tips for those moving to a new city

Addressing the limitations of a CRM alone

While a CRM system is excellent for managing large talent pools, it falls short when used as a standalone hiring tool. One of the main challenges is maintaining data integrity. With potentially thousands of candidates in your database, it’s crucial to keep the information organized and up-to-date to effectively move candidates through the hiring process. Without the added functionality of a platform like HireVue, recruiters may find themselves overwhelmed, unable to leverage the full potential of their candidate database.

ATS vs. CRM: Understanding their roles

It’s important to distinguish between an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a CRM. While both are essential in the recruitment process, they serve different purposes. An ATS is primarily used to manage the application process, from receiving applications to the final hiring decision. It can trigger the hiring process based on candidates’ statuses, streamlining the workflow. In contrast, a CRM focuses on managing and engaging with candidates at a broader level, ideally suited for nurturing relationships with potential candidates even before they apply.

Key Takeaways
  • A CRM is not a standalone hiring tool: It’s a great complement to help manage large candidate pools and excels in managing candidate relationships. It requires integration with tools like HireVue to fully support the hiring process.
  • Enhanced engagement and efficiency: The integration of HireVue with your CRM enables more personalized and efficient candidate engagement, moving them smoothly through the hiring funnel.
  • Maintaining a clean database is crucial: To leverage the full benefits of a CRM integrated with HireVue, regular database maintenance is essential to ensure data integrity and effective candidate management.
  • Create one hiring ecosystem: With a strong integration, like that provided by HireVue, teams can work in one hiring ecosystem. Instead of bouncing between CRM, HireVue, and ATS tabs, teams can work on one optimized for hiring success.

Integrating HireVue with your CRM system is not just about optimizing the use of technology in recruitment; it’s about creating a more dynamic, engaging, and efficient hiring process. By doing so, organizations can better manage their talent pools, enhance candidate engagement, and ultimately make more informed hiring decisions. As the recruitment landscape evolves, the synergy between these tools will continue to be a critical factor in achieving recruitment success.

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