Hiring tasks to take off your to-do list

October 12th, 2021
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Hiring Tasks to Take Off Your To-Do List

In a world where recruiting teams who lock in their favorite candidates are doing it within the first 10 days, it’s safe to say the competition for top talent is fierce. 

How are they doing it? AI has taken the HR world by storm in recent years because of the efficiencies it creates, allowing hiring teams to automate tedious tasks that have historically monopolized their time — and giving them time back to focus on more valuable work, like making faster, better decisions.

Ready to optimize your processes for speed? Here are 5 tasks you can take off your to-do list today.

1. Creating Interviews Questions

Too many interviews are ad hoc and inconsistent, delivering biased information that rarely predicts job success. Structured interviews use predetermined, job-specific questions, asked in the same way and in the same order for all candidates.

But think about the time it takes to prepare legally compliant, unbiased interview questions that uncover candidates’ skills and abilities to perform the job - for each and every open role.

With HireVue Builder, hiring teams have access to HireVue’s comprehensive library full of job-related questions for specific roles, all vetted by IO Psychologists and independently audited. Or hiring teams can use their own custom competencies and questions so hiring teams evaluate candidates on clearly defined knowledge and skills in the same way — ensuring you stay compliant, fair, and fast. 

With structured interview questions, hiring teams enhance productivity, save hours of time, and make decisions based on good data, not gut feelings.

2. Interview Scheduling

One of the biggest bottlenecks in the hiring process is the scheduling of the interview - or in many cases, multiple interviews. From initial phone calls and emails, to inevitable cancellations and reschedules, these back-and-forth, tedious tasks can distract hiring managers from what they set out to do in the first place -- engage with candidates.

 The solution? Put candidates in the driver’s seat with a mobile-first, personalized hiring assistant. Today’s candidates prefer an asynchronous, self-guided experience where they can text to apply, prescreen for the role, and complete their first interview -- without waiting on a hiring manager.

Available anytime, on any device, HireVue Hiring Assistant offers immediate communication and a seamless experience with 24/7 access. Candidates choose to interview at the time that works best for them - which often is outside of traditional work hours. In fact, last year, nearly 1M HireVue interviews took place over the weekend.

With reduced friction, a faster time-to-hire, and a better candidate experience, hiring teams have more time to focus on strategic hiring decisions that will get the right candidate through the funnel, faster.

3. Pre-Screening for Interviews

When candidates apply for a job, the information they submit should help their potential employer evaluate that candidate’s ability to perform in the role. The problem is that resumes, the traditional method for those evaluations, are actually quite bad at predicting job success.

That’s why 82% of employers say they use some form of pre-employment evaluation test. However, many of these assessments are still outdated and hard to navigate.

By eliminating outdated phone screens, and replacing unproductive resume reviews with easy-to-use skills-based assessments instead, hiring teams can improve the quality of the candidate data they’re collecting, and prioritize a faster and more effective hiring process instead. And by combining the assessment and the interview, candidates get a fast, unified experience that can be completed in 20 minutes or less.

4. Candidate Follow Up

Seventy-five percent of candidates say the worst part of the job search process is taking the time to apply for a job, then never hearing back. And 2 out of 3 say they never even hear back after showing up for an interview. Candidate follow up is easy to neglect when hiring teams are juggling an abundance of applications to sort through; but when communication slips through the cracks, candidate experience suffers -- and so does recruitment teams’ ability to meet current and future hiring demands.

On the flip side, companies that use chatbots are 3X more likely to improve candidate experience. Candidates are much happier to receive a response, even if it’s “no.” In fact, even when they don’t get the job, 94% of job seekers say that receiving constructive feedback after an interview makes them four times more likely to consider the company for a future opportunity.

By utilizing conversational recruiting automation to engage candidates from end to end, recruiters can use their time for uniquely human, high-value hiring activities.

A Must-Have for Hiring the Workforce of Now

Hiring teams who leverage automation to transform their hiring workflows into a fast, personalized experience will undoubtedly be the most-coveted employers of the future. 

HireVue’s enterprise-level hiring solutions help hiring teams optimize productivity, reduce time-to-hire, and assess skills fairly -- all at scale. For an in-depth look at how to effectively discover, engage, and hire talent in a competitive market, download The Recruiter’s Guide to Hiring When Hiring Is Hard.