Revolutionize public sector hiring with HireVue

January 5th, 2024
The HireVue Team
Public Sector

HireVue solutions allow public sector teams to better compete with the private sector for top talent. Whether hiring for fed, state and local, or civilian roles, HireVue tech simplifies the process so teams can easily identify the most qualified and skilled candidates, create a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and automate processes with conversational AI—all with a secure, compliant tech stack. 

Below we lay out the basics of what HireVue can do for you and your team.

What problem does HireVue solve?

Public sector hiring teams face challenges and protocol that private sector teams don’t. Whether hiring for federal civilian, defense and intelligence, or state and local roles, inefficient processes inhibit hiring teams. Public sector teams face the following challenges:

  • Slow, manual processes leave positions open too long, so teams lose top candidates to the private sector. Lack of automation leads to difficulty coordinating schedules and decisions, and manual engagement can mean candidates apply and don’t hear updates for months. Teams need a way to automate screening for high touch roles, like teachers.

    • HireVue tech offers a people-first approach that uses AI in hiring to accelerate hiring and improve the candidate and recruiter experience. 
    • Automation and conversational AI allow teams to engage with candidates 24/7/365 days ensuring not one candidate falls through the cracks. 
    • On-demand interviews allow candidates to complete them on their own time and allow hiring managers to review them when convenient—adding flexibility to both sides of the hiring process.
  • Finding skilled, quality candidates proves difficult, and skill-based hiring means something different to every evaluator—especially for high-demand roles like IT/technical, cyber/security, healthcare, law enforcement, and professional executives. Teams also struggle assessing the soft skills needed for roles as well. But at HireVue, Human Potential Intelligence empowers teams to identify the potential of candidates and the traits and skills that better predict future success. With solutions customized for different agency needs, teams are empowered to select the candidates with the most potential.
    • Past achievements aren’t the only indicators of future success. HireVue offers AI-driven tech designed to measure and unlock the potential of candidates. Our solutions empower teams to identify the potential of candidates and the traits and skills that better predict future success—and with an assessment for every role at every level, teams can feel empowered to make smarter hiring decisions.
  • A shortage of candidates with relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities, combined with large numbers of applicants adds “noise” to the process—preventing timely selection of the best candidates. Labor shortages keep requisitions open too long and budget constraints prevent more competitive offer packages. Plus, a lack of predictive candidate data increases washout. But with HireVue, teams are better equipped to screen and assess candidates—empowering smarter hiring decisions with stacked ranking. 

HireVue is an efficiency tool to boost your potential

HireVue allows you to eliminate manual selections in both Title V and Direct Hiring Authority scenarios. Now, you can screen, assess, and interview your candidates in one, seamless hiring ecosystem. HireVue solutions allow you to:

Screen and assess OnDemand Interviews can be used to screen candidates, and with the added benefit of Direct Hiring Authority, HireVue actually adds an interview step so that agencies can identify the candidates with the most potential. After identifying top resumes, recruiters can offer on-demand interviews and assessments, then identifying the top candidates.

HireVue also offers an assessment for every role at every level. Our robust library of skill-based questions identify candidates beyond just resume qualifications, better defining what they can actually do for the agency. HireVue is rooted in data analysis, so you can provide insight to candidates after interviews. After developing scientifically validated assessments that evaluate skills needed for jobs, audio from interviews is then evaluated to provide a report highlighting helpful insights for candidates. 

Interview Structured Interviewing ensures a fair and friendly virtual interview and coordinates with auto-scheduling to eliminate calendaring bottleneck. And by opting for tech built for hiring data analysis, you can eliminate the technical difficulties and one-dimensional aspect of simple tools like Zoom or Teams.

How can we integrate into their existing processes and systems? 

When thinking through your processes and where HireVue fits in, your ATS integration is covered—because a strong integration is key to peak performance. HireVue is proud of our integrations partner program, which includes a wide range of partners. HireVue is an Oracle Gold Partner, offering integration for ORC and Taleo, and a Workday Select Partner with pre-built certified integration. The full list can be found here

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