Revolutionizing DoD recruitment: HireVue's strategic HPI solutions

December 1st, 2023
The HireVue Team
Public Sector

The Department of Defense is America’s largest government agency, and it evolves and grows with our nation.

Our mission at HireVue is to connect talent to opportunity, and that includes providing  the military with the personnel needed to ensure our nation’s security. However, teams frequently face hiring challenges that can keep them from the most efficient recruitment process:

  • Manual processes that leave positions open too long and lose top candidates to the private sector
  • Difficulty coordinating schedules and decisions
  • Skill-based hiring means something different to every evaluator

Incorporating a structured and scalable interview process enables you to quickly evaluate talent, identify and hire the best candidates for every role, increase diversity, and provide a fair experience. HireVue solutions unlock potential and enable defense and intelligence agencies to overcome hiring challenges by increasing your funnel of qualified applicants and providing a modern and inclusive candidate experience. 

Turn to Human Potential Intelligence to solve challenges

Long, manual processes and outdated job requisitions largely based on academic and irrelevant qualifications keep teams from top talent. But at HireVue, Human Potential Intelligence empowers teams to identify the potential of candidates and the traits and skills that better predict future success. With solutions customized for different agency needs, teams are empowered to work with technology that works for them.

The organizations across the Department of Defense hire a variety of roles including internships, apprentice programs, fellowships, early-career grade selections, upper-grade panels, officer accessions, enlisted recruiting, and technical, but when slow hiring allows for frequent candidate drop-out, agencies struggle to not only promote their employee brand but hire top talent to help achieve their mission. 

HireVue is built for these challenges:

  • Supports faster Direct Hire Authority decisions with better data than phone or in-person interviews provide
  • Schedules panels and support selections with behaviorally-anchored interview evaluations and supports decisions with in-app consensus sessions
  • Automates post-conditional job offer activities to ensure consistent engagement
  • FedRAMP Authorized and used by 8 of the 10 largest Federal Government Agencies as well all five military branches 

One hiring solution 

HireVue integrates with your ATS and makes the stages of your hiring process faster and more efficient—so you can spend more time on your strategy and less on manual, time-consuming endeavors.

Screen: OnDemand Interviews can be used to screen candidates, moving beyond resumes and focusing on true top candidates. 

Assess:  An assessment for every role at every level. Our robust library of skill-based questions identify candidates beyond just resume qualifications, better defining what they can actually do for the agency.

Interview: Structured Interviewing ensures a fair and friendly virtual interview and coordinates with auto-scheduling to eliminate calendaring bottleneck.  

How HireVue Live and automation cut 100 days from time-to-hire 

When the pandemic hit the United States in March 2020, private and public sectors alike had to reimagine not only their working environments but their hiring as well. For one DOD agency, a summer hiring event was already planned, forcing organizers to think through another solution to ensure hiring did not suffer—despite needing to interview over a thousand candidates in 5 days. HireVue Live video interviewing and automation provide real-time evaluation tools, interview guides, automated candidate routing, self-scheduling, and shareable recordings—all while enhancing the recruiter and candidate experiences with flexibility. Because of their results, HireVue has become the new standard for DOD’s hiring processes going forward: 

  • 100 days removed from time-to-hire (including security clearance)
  • 4 hour time-to-offer after interview
  • ~90 OnDemand interviews a week
  • 500 interviews a week during events

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