How to be a sought-after employer when resignations run rampant

July 1st, 2022
HireVue Team
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Resignations. Turnover. Exodus.

All words that have become even more common — almost expected — in most workplaces since the onset of the pandemic. Just last year, a record-breaking 47.4 million people left their jobs, a movement that was rightfully dubbed “the Great Resignation.”

But even as the pandemic gets smaller in the rear view window, resignations are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, senior economist at Glassdoor, Daniel Zhao, recently reported that resignations are still up 23% compared to 2019

With all this uncertainty, one question remains at the top of every employer’s mind: How do we retain good people? 

Here are three ways to create a candidate experience that impresses — so you can be the employer people leave for, not the one they leave behind.

Give candidates a thorough peek into your culture

With the unsteadiness of the last few years, it’s no wonder that one of the top attributes job seekers want in the hiring process is transparency. It’s simple — they want to know what they’re getting into before they accept the offer.

 And they’re not afraid to leave a job that doesn’t live up to its promises. One in five people say they’ll quit a new job within a month if it doesn’t meet their expectations. Almost half of people say they’ll quit within two to six months. So when employees are lost that quickly after their start date, could it be a trigger for talent teams to examine the hiring process to find out what went wrong?

 One concrete way companies are responding is with realistic job previews.

Realistic job previews are on-demand videos, usually used in conjunction with a video interview, that detail everything a candidate needs to know about the role they’re applying for. From how success is measured, to how much they’ll be expected to work on location, to work schedules. By offering a realistic job preview as part of an initial video interview process, candidates get answers to important questions about the company and the role they want — even questions they didn’t know to ask.

So instead of relying on resume reviews, phone screens, and unnecessary real-time conversations, talent teams can feel confident that they’re offering the right information to every candidate; and candidates can rest assured that they’re making a good decision about a job that truly fits their skills and professional goals.

Provide interview options

Another growing candidate expectation, one that has grown by 12% in the last year, is flexibility. Modern job candidates want the autonomy to choose where, when, and how they will work. Yes, hybrid work options are a critical benefit for professional hires, but candidate choice goes beyond geographic job boundaries. It needs to start in the hiring process.

A hybrid interview approach, that provides on-demand, live video, and in-person interview options, gives candidates more room to choose the type of interview that best fits their life. More than that, it shows candidates that the employer values flexibility, both in the interview and beyond. 

 With 40% of candidates saying that flexibility is one of their top three reasons to choose a job, flexible interview options are no longer a “nice to have.” They’re critical to both attracting and retaining employees.

 On-demand technology, like HireVue’s real-time evaluation tools, lets candidates show off their skills and their potential when it fits their timeline, helping talent teams find the best hires faster.

Make hiring easier

There’s nothing that drives a candidate away faster than a slow, clunky hiring process full of long lead times and lots of waiting on answers to their questions. In a world where chatbots and AI have normalized the immediate response, it’s no wonder candidates are becoming frustrated at the lack of communication from potential employers.

In fact, in a recent HireVue survey, 1 in 3 respondents said they’ve rejected a job offer because of a negative experience during the hiring process, most of those citing poor communication as the negative experience.

It’s simple: attract quality candidates by communicating clearly and quickly. But how?

Automate the parts of your hiring process that do not require human intervention. Yes, this includes back-and-forth questions and feedback, pre-screen assessments, and even interview scheduling. 

Like HireVue’s Conversational AI, recruiting assistants quickly engage job seekers and streamline the most time-consuming tasks so employers can hire with speed and ease. Not only does a fast hiring process reflect a company that values the candidate’s time, it also gives recruiters more time to build relationships with the people they want.

Cut quits with the right technology

It’s time to hire for retention. Companies that want employees who stay need to rip up the old playbook and modernize their hiring strategies. A stellar hiring process reflects a stellar workplace — and yes, this is what will attract the people who want to work for you.

HireVue’s end-to-end talent experience platform enables a faster, flexible hiring experience that gives candidates a realistic preview of your company. For a first-hand platform experience, request a demo today.

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