Unleash World 2022 Conference Recap

October 17th, 2022

After a COVID-enforced break, UNLEASH World is back. It felt so good to reconnect with customers, partners and the whole HR community.

It was an amazing two days full of future-gazing content, new ideas, and innovative technology designed to help organizations find, engage and hire the talent they need for the challenges of tomorrow.

Whether you were there and couldn’t keep up with all of the note-taking or couldn’t make it this year, we’ve compiled a summary of the essential talks and topics that were covered.

Reinventing through crisis

In his keynote, technologist and partner at Nexxworks, Peter Hinssen, suggested how we now live in a world of continuous and overlapping disruptions, he calls it the “never normal.”

Hinssen shared how the ability to quickly react to change is now one of the most desired and important characteristics of successful companies. With the shelf-life of skills going down all the time and some skills taught at university now outdated before a student graduates, HR leaders are making it mission critical to hire talent with a “flux mindset.”

Understanding a candidate's ability to perform under pressure, adapt to dynamic conditions and develop innovative solutions are all traits of a flux or agile mindset. They are transferable skills to strengthen your company’s ability to pivot and will help you future-proof for the unknown.

Did you know that the 4 competencies of high-performing individuals and teams are:

  • Mental agility - being comfortable with the complex
  • Results agility - the ability to drive results under tough conditions
  • People agility - effective emotional intelligence and communication 
  • Change agility - fluid thinking and ability to remove roadblocks

You can hear HireVue’s Chief IO Psychologist and Chief Evangelist unpack this very topic. They will explain why an agile mindset is critical to the future health of your business and how you can identify it at the point of hiring. Register for the interactive webinar here.

Hyperconnected experiences

In his powerful keynote, Peter Hinssen said, “If you want to connect the dots…you have to collect the dots.” We live in a world where speed and connectivity are fundamental expectations of personal and professional life. For a business, being able to move at the pace of change and provide seamless, convenient and connected experiences to your customers and candidates is now the price of entry. These capabilities become even more important in competitive environments such as the war for talent.

Interestingly, technology can be used to create a more human experience. By applying automation and AI-powered solutions to low-value and repetitive stages of the recruitment process, it will create the bandwidth for recruiters to provide a human touch and have strategic and nurturing interactions with candidates. Recruiters will be happier in their role and enabled to make more impact, candidates will receive a more personalized and high-quality experience, and the hiring manager has a better chance to secure the best talent. HireVue created The 2022 Candidate Experience Guide to help you make the hiring process faster, easier, and better for candidates.

What did HR leaders say?

It was exciting to see new technology and get some ideas of what we could go live with next year. Using AI and automation in the war for talent is becoming more and more important. Improving efficiency was a big topic and solutions like HireVue's interview scheduling tool will really help with this - we’re excited to be going live with it in a few weeks.”

Simon-Daniel Kißmer-Imping, HR Manager DACH & Poland, Hunkemoller


What’s really impressed me at UNLEASH this year is that every company is working towards being a skills-based organization - and they’re all at different stages of that journey. This means you’re not alone and we can all work together to solve the same problems. The other interesting thing that I’ve seen is in the concept and the use of AI, it’s now starting to become mainstream and I find this really encouraging. The final part is what’s coming next, what will the next digital disruption be? The use of the metaverse, virtual reality and augmented reality in recruitment will be a game-changer. It’s interesting to see that companies like HireVue are already starting to plan for this exciting new future.”

Dave Mills, HR Technology Portfolio Lead – People Development & Recruitment at Airbus


Some of the most interesting presentations that we saw at UNLEASH were around the war for talent, and the challenge that companies are facing around the globe to encourage candidates to come and work in various industries. I also heard a lot about the desire to hire more contingent workers versus full-time employees and how to then create a hybrid model within your organization. Another really interesting theme was around transformation and how you go about changing a culture, the mindset of employees and reinventing processes so that you can deliver to the business - and this is something we definitely see within the aviation industry.”

Manal Al Soori, VP HR of Emiratization & People Experience, Emirates Group

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth, you can still meet with one of our team members virtually and learn how to make your hiring process high tech but with a human touch. Contact us here

And don’t forget to sign up for our next webinar, Adapt To Survive: Why Agile Talent Is The Future Of Work, and learn how to build agility into the talent toolkit within your organization.