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  • Assess Coding Proficiency

    On-demand coding challenges and video-enabled live coding

  • Evaluate
    Soft Skills

    Understand communication style and ability to problem solve

  • Empower Recruiters

    Coding challenges are
    auto-scored and checked
    for plagiarism

  • Make Faster Decisions

    Make offers to the best candidates before
    your competition

Coding Assessments Backed
by Science & Data

HireVue’s recruitment technology provides a complete assessment of technical talent using coding challenges, video interviewing, and AI-driven assessments. This comprehensive assessment approach means hiring teams can look beyond candidates’ coding proficiency and quantify their ability to collaborate, communicate, and problem solve.

All coding challenges are selected to accurately measure job-relevant skills and comprehensive assessments are fully validated by HireVue’s team of industrial-organizational (IO) psychologists. Recruiting teams can identify qualified software developers, web developers, and engineers consistently, quickly, and effectively.

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Quantify Candidates’ Technical Skills

HireVue offers coding challenges in commonly used programming languages, such as:

  • Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, C#, Perl, Haskell, and more

And if hiring teams are more interested in general problem-solving skills than specific language proficiency, you can let candidates choose the language they use to complete each challenge. Challenges are auto-scored and checked for cheating, so hiring teams receive a strong slate of candidates at the top of the hiring funnel.

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Go Beyond
Candidates’ Code

While programming knowledge is important, the thinking behind it is equally critical. Coding challenges can be augmented with video interviews to give candidates the chance to explain their thought processes and approach to solving each coding challenge.

When candidates receive the opportunity to speak to their problem-solving processes, technical recruiters can evaluate more than just code. Placing these structured technical interviews at the top of the funnel creates a job-relevant, fair, and fast screening process. It also gives insight into how candidates might architect a solution and their problem-solving abilities.

Save Hiring Managers Time

Rather than placing the burden of screening technical skills on hiring managers, recruiters make informed, data-backed recommendations, so technical hiring teams only spend time with the highest qualified candidates.

Interview Candidates from Anywhere

Once candidates are vetted by recruiting teams, hiring managers can interview software engineer candidates anywhere with video-enabled live coding. This lets managers and candidates collaborate within a code editor for a more in-depth technical interview — expediting the process and removing the need to fly in candidates.

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Empower Recruiters

HireVue’s technical skills assessment gives recruiters robust insight into developers’ programming proficiency. Auto-scored coding tests provide even non-technical recruiters with an understanding of a candidate’s programming ability, while cheating detection tools easily identify suspicious behavior, all without the need to interpret code or involve technical resources. Recruiters and hiring managers can also replay a candidate’s submission to watch their thought process in real-time. Technical teams still get the best talent without spending time on unqualified candidates.

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Make Faster Decisions

When recruiters make more informed recommendations to hiring managers, you can expedite the hiring process for the most qualified candidates. And since hiring managers don’t need to spend time vetting candidates’ base technical skills, they can skip straight to more specific, tailored interview questions. You can make offers to the best while your competition is still screening resumes and scheduling interviews.

A Technical Assessment for Collaborative, High-Impact
Development Teams

In an enterprise development environment, the “lone coder” is a myth. Today’s high-impact software development teams are collaborative, flexible, and open to critical feedback. Coding challenges alone don’t provide insight into these critical competencies.

HireVue’s technical assessment combines coding challenges with AI-driven video and game-based assessments to evaluate candidates on multiple dimensions, not just coding skill. Video-based assessments quantify competencies shown in video interviews, such as communication, team orientation, adaptability, and problem-solving. Game-based assessments give insight into candidates’ cognitive skills, revealing how they learn, process, and incorporate new information.

These are critical competencies in software development at the enterprise level, and competencies that are missed with coding challenges alone. By going beyond pure coding proficiency, HireVue’s approach to screening technical candidates is the only assessment, which reflects the realities of modern software development.

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