Baylor Scott & White Health Creates a Phenomenal Candidate Experience for Graduates

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Brandis Burton - My name is Brandis Burton, I work for Bailer Scott and White Health and I'm an Associate Recruiter. I am part of the university relations program team. I'm part of all of our internships and our entry level position. My recruit for a lot of millennials, so for them it's their first real job or it's their first internship. Our internship program in developing that and giving those students the opportunity to really see and kind of get a feel and say, "Hey I know I wanna be a nurse but is this truly a type of nurse that I wanna be?""" Or, "Hey I know I wanna be in the epidemiology department, I wanna work in the lab. But, kind of giving them a feel of what they really truly want is probably the best part of my job. We've been partnering with Texas Tech, now Texas Tech actually has included that and part of their I would say their mock interviews, they've created that a part of their process. So now with mock interviews, not only are there giving them practice with how to speak to someone in face but they're also giving them practice with those video interviews. So, I think they're kind of starting to adapt it a little more in seeing that it's becoming a trend. They kind of come up and they're like, I have to record myself. But kind of want you to kind of tell them that it's an additional step to really brand yourself, especially when you know you're in school, you don't have those initial jobs, you don't have the first career jobs so its a way to truly brand themselves and sell themselves outside of their resume. So, I kind of tell them you know we're not looking for movie stars or anything like that. It's just truly a way for you to show your skills, show why you're interested. They kind of make it personal on their own and I tell them after a while you'll get familiar with it, you'll go through a couple of questions and then before you know it, it's over so it's super easy. For the most part they do great so they love it.
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For its graduate recruiting, Baylor Scott & White Health uses HireVue to give candidates a chance to show who they are beyond their resumes, and helps them find their first job in healthcare.

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